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  • Top 5 Tailgate Cigars for Fall
    Tailgating season is upon us! Stock up on cigars at for the best time of the year. Cigars and football, name a better pairing! There are plenty of ballers who transitioned to the … Read more
  • Top 5 Cigars of the Summer
    The dog days of summer are upon us, but for Luis Martinez and cigar aficionados like you this is the best time of the year. Every year in July, hundreds of manufacturers and thousands … Read more
  • Mi Querida Cigar Review
    Steve Saka was not a household name twenty years ago. When a cigar aficionado hears the name Padron or Fuente, ears perk up and the mind’s eye conjures forth images of tobacco and cigars, … Read more
  • Making Memories: Why Personalized Cigars are the Perfect Wedding Favor and Unique Gift
    What to gift your wedding guests Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, from choosing the venue to selecting the perfect menu. However, when it comes to showing gratitude to your guests for attending your … Read more
  • LM Cigars Sells Black & Mild Cigars
    History of Black & Mild Cigars When John Middleton opened his small Philadelphia tobacco shop in 1856, he could have scarcely imagined that almost a century later his successors would make a brand which … Read more
  • West Tampa Tobacco Co. Red Toro Review and Overview
    Launched about a year ago in May of 2022, West Tampa Tobacco Co. surged onto the premium cigar scene with dizzying success. Conceptualized as the spiritual successor to Tampa’s historic West Tampa cigar industry, … Read more
  • PDR Cigars Cafe 1878 Dark Roast Toro Review
    The Café, then, is not an infused cigar in the sense that the infusion comes first and totally smothers the tobacco. Instead, it brings forth the best elements of that rich blend of Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos and marries them to the flavor of café con leche while smoothing out the sharper edges inherent in the Nicaraguan terroir.
  • Arturo Fuente Especiale Cazadores Natural
    Arturo Fuente’s Premium Value Arturo Fuente is one of the reigning families of the premium cigar industry and, without a doubt, the most prestigious cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic by virtue of its … Read more
  • Cigar Humidors 101: What is a Cigar Humidor?
    Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded. A cigar humidor is a small chamber that can keep your cigars at the ideal level of moistness. This means they won’t dry … Read more
  • Cigar Basics 101: What You Need To Know About Cigars
    Cigars are a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of friends or family. However, for many people who just started smoking cigars and might be new to this hobby, there is … Read more
  • Rough Riders Sweets Connecticut Review
    Premium Cigar, Sweet Value A late arrival to the premium cigar industry, Indianhead Cigars found a niche producing a variety of value-oriented, Dominican handmade cigars. Of those Dominican brands, the Rough Riders Sweets Connecticut … Read more
  • How To Light a Cigar in 3 Easy Steps
    If you’re a cigar smoker, lighting your stogie can feel like a rite of passage. The first time I lit up a cigar, I was nervous about burning my fingers and afraid that it … Read more
  • Cigars for Beginners: A Complete Guide
    If you’re looking to try cigars for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll talk about what you need to know before buying your first cigar and how … Read more
  • Cigar Lover Gifts: A Shopping Guide for Cigar Lovers
    The cigar lover in your life deserves gifts of the highest quality. There are few things more satisfying than sitting back with a good cigar. Whether you smoke cigars or know someone who does, … Read more
  • How To Use A Cigar Cutter 101 Guide
    Cigar cutters do exactly what they say they do – they cut cigars. Simple, right? But knowing how to use one properly can be tricky. There are several different types of cigar cutters, each … Read more
  • Premium Cigars: How Can You Tell If a Cigar is High Quality?
    At LM Cigars, we’re often asked that question. The first thing a new buyer needs to know is – there is no single indicator that tells you a cigar is high quality. The word … Read more
  • Best Cigar Lighter Guide: How To Find The Best Cigar Lighter
    A cigar lighter is a tool that every cigar enthusiast should own. There are many different types of lighters, each with its own unique properties and styles. Some are designed specifically for lighting cigars … Read more
  • Padron 2000 Natural
    Padron is the most iconic Nicaraguan-based cigar manufacturer available on the consumer market. Hundreds of thousands of Padron cigars are sold annually based on the merit of the Padron family name alone. Padron does … Read more
  • Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 Candela
             The Arturo Fuente 8-5-8 is one of the most popular of the Arturo Fuente Cigar Co.’s Gran Reserva family of cigars. Blended in honor of Carlos Fuente, Sr.’s 85th birthday, the cigars possess … Read more
  • Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Corona Imperial
    The Arturo Fuente Corona Imperial is a masterpiece and a perfect representation of what you can do with aged tobacco. Although the cigar is mild, you will experience flavors that leave you satisfied and … Read more
  • Brick House Double Connecticut Short Torpedo
    There is no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than smoking some American tobacco. The Brick House Double Connecticut Short Torpedo is the perfect pairing for any U.S.-based holiday. With a genuine … Read more
  • Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut Robusto
    Rocky Patel is a brand that persists in the hearts and minds of cigar consumers through sheer force of will. While other fledgling brands faltered and came to an abrupt demise towards the end … Read more
  • Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Toro
    Perdomo traces the roots of its company history to the work of Silvio Perdomo in Cuba. In 1992, Nicholas Perdomo, Jr. revitalized his family’s cigarmaking legacy by starting Tabacalera Perdomo out of his home … Read more
  • Montesino Sampler
    Montesino is one of the oldest, continuously made Arturo Fuente cigar brands. The brand peaked in the early 1990’s and has struggled to maintain its popularity in recent years. Similar to the Casa Cuba … Read more
  • Montesino No. 1 Maduro
    Sharing a name with one of the first missionaries to the Dominican Republic, Antonio de Montesino, Montesino was one of the first cigar brands Carlos Fuente, Sr. manufactured in the Dominican Republic in the … Read more
  • Ashton VSG Sorcerer
    The Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) was released at the tail end of the cigar boom in 1999. Ever since it has received and maintained a good reputation amongst all types of consumers. It … Read more
  • Cuesta-Rey Maduro No. 7
    Ever since 1884 Cuesta-Rey Cigars have maintained a pristine reputation as premium cigars. Started by Angel Cuesta and Peregrino Rey eventually the quality of their cigars gave them the title of the official tobacco … Read more
  • Baccarat Churchill
    If you are looking for a good, sweet-tipped cigar, Baccarat is a safe bet. Baccarat Havana the Game is a brand of sweet-tipped cigars produced by Oettinger Davidoff AG at Diadema Cigars de Honduras … Read more
  • Perla Del Mar Maduro
    J.C. Newman Cigar Co. recently refreshed the branding on their Perla Del Mar brand of cigars. The cigars, iconic for their unique box press and value, received a change to the cigar box art … Read more
  • Havana Q Double Toro Review
    Nicaraguan tobacco began as an inexpensive alternative to Cuban tobacco in a cigar industry reeling from the Cuban Embargo. Even in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Nicaraguan tobacco and cigar production was a convenient secondary … Read more
  • Montecristo Platinum Series Rothchilde Tube Review
    The Montecristo Platinum Series Rotchilde is an enjoyable premium cigar with a remarkable San Andreas Habano-seed wrapper. This is a fuller-bodied smoke for those who enjoy cigars from the traditional name-brand cigar powerhouses. The … Read more
  • H. Upmann by A.J. Fernandez Review
    Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you have heard about A.J. Fernandez. His portfolio and reputation have expanded exponentially ever since his coveted New World cigars made … Read more
  • Diamond Crown MAXIMUS
    The Diamond Crown MAXIMUS is a fantastic premium value cigar with a high-quality Dominican cigar with an Ecuador El Bajo Sungrown wrapper. This cigar comes from J.C. Newman Cigar Co., and the reputation of … Read more
  • Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Robusto Review
    The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Robusto is a fantastic premium value cigar with a high-quality Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. This is a cigar you could smoke every day after work to unwind. The … Read more
  • Montecristo Classic Especial No. 1
    The name Montecristo resonates with cigar smokers worldwide. Their superb quality and flavor have withstood the test of time in an ever-changing industry. The Montecristo Classic Especial No. 1 holds true to this statement. … Read more
  • Cuesta-Rey Caravelle Cigars Review
    The Cuesta-Rey Caravelle is a phenomenal value cigar with a premium presentation. These panatela cigars are made on J.C. Newman’s iconic antique cigar machines from the 1930’s in Tampa, FL. These are hand operated … Read more
  • Neos Cappuccino Cigarillo
    The Neos Cappuccino Cigarillo is an enjoyable little dessert cigar and a perfect companion to an hour of leisure at a European café. Neos are made by J. Cortès Cigars in Handzame, Belgium. The … Read more
  • Gurkha Ghost
    The Gurkha Ghost is very popular and well known. With a 93 rating, attractive packaging, and unique flavor it was won the hearts of smokers nationwide. It comes in a 5 pack or a … Read more
  • Montecristo White Series Toro Review
    The Montecristo White Series Toro is an excellent daily smoke and an exemplary shade wrapper cigar. This cigar is manufactured in the Dominican Republic by Altadis USA at Tabacalera de Garcia, the largest factory … Read more
  • The Punch Clasico London Club Review
    The Punch Clasico London Club is a tasteful, affordable box to have in your humidor. This cigar is manufactured in Honduras by General Cigar Co. It uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper over Nicaraguan, Honduran, … Read more
  • Cigar Terminology
    Cigars and the cigar industry have a variety of terms that are important to know and understand. At, we’ve taken the top 20 terms that are searched on our site and defined them … Read more
  • Cigar Review: The Brick House Double Connecticut Toro
     Brick House is one of the most popular cigar brands across all humidors in the United States. It is a quintessentially American cigar with a flavor profile most American smokers can find agreeable with … Read more
  • Seasoning Your Cigar Humidor: Why and How?
    Seasoning Your Cigar Humidor Whether you’re a novice cigar smoker, or a seasoned professional, there are important skills required to keeping your cigars fresh, and for aging them to your desire. One of the … Read more
  • Buying Cigars Online: A Guide
    Buying cigars online has continued to become more commonplace. As the world moves toward online sales for just about everything – clothes, groceries, even prescriptions – cigars are not omitted. The conflict for many, … Read more

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