Montesino No. 1 Maduro

Hand holding Montesino No. 1 Maduro lightly ashed at the end

Sharing a name with one of the first missionaries to the Dominican Republic, Antonio de Montesino, Montesino was one of the first cigar brands Carlos Fuente, Sr. manufactured in the Dominican Republic in the 1980s. As such, the cigar now ranks among the oldest names in the Fuente portfolio. After all this time, the cigar maintains renown for its remarkable flavor and value. The Montesino no. 1 Maduro, a Lonsdale Parejo, is the ideal for the old school appeal of the Montesino cigar brand.

The Montesino no. 1 Maduro is a handsome cigar. The cigar is comprised of a Connecticut wrapper with a Dominican binder and long filler. The Maduro wrapper is an aged Connecticut Broadleaf with dark red-brown coloration. The aroma of the cigars is that of vintage tobaccos, rich with hints of dark cocoa and barnyard hay. The Montesino No. 1 Maduro is a Lonsdale Parejo (6.87”x43), representing an hour to an hour and a half smoking experience. Upon cutting, the cigar’s fantastic construction and good draw are on display. The cigar lights easily with a rich, creamy smoke generating from the burning broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The tasting notes on this cigar are dark cocoa, barnyard hay, mesquite, coriander, and molasses. The cigar builds in strength towards the second third of the burn, coasting in flavor down to the nub.

There is a reason why the Montesino is a perennial favorite of cigar smokers. The brand never disappoints. Although the brand receives less attention in recent times, with the Chateau Fuente and Curly Head eclipsing it in popularity, the cigar cannot be beaten in terms of value. At the Luis Martinez price, each cigar costs four dollars and some change. If you are looking to pick up some Maduro cigars for a fuller-bodied smoke and cannot afford a box of 8-5-8 Maduro or Chateau Fuente Maduro, pick up a box of Montesino no. 1.

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