Cigar Humidors 101: What is a Cigar Humidor?


Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded. A cigar humidor is a small chamber that can keep your cigars at the ideal level of moistness. This means they won’t dry out or become overly crisp as they age, allowing you to enjoy smoking them for many years to come!

What is a cigar humidor?

Cigar humidors are small chambers that can keep your cigars at the ideal level of moistness. It’s important to remember, however, that it doesn’t matter where you store your cigars—it’s how you store them. A good cigar humidor uses a variety of methods to ensure that humidity is kept at an appropriate level, whether it be by using distilled water or some other mechanism for regulating moisture levels inside the box. This way, even if you have a small collection of smokes and don’t want to invest in an entire cabinet (which can be quite expensive), having a small humidor will do the trick!

How long do cigars last in a humidor?

Cigars that are stored properly can last for years. However, cigars that are not stored properly can lose their flavor and become stale within days. Cigars should be stored in a dark, cool place with an ideal humidity.

Cigar humidors come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: to keep your cigars at the ideal humidity level of 65-70% so you can enjoy them for as long as possible! You should also store your cigars in an airtight container because air helps them dry out over time – keeping them sealed will ensure that they stay fresh longer. 

How To Choose The Best Cigar Humidor

To choose the best cigar humidor, you should look for one that is large enough to hold your collection but not so big that it takes up too much space. You should also look for a humidor with a Spanish cedar lining and a hygrometer and humidifier combination. In addition to these features, make sure that the lid of your chosen cigar humidor fits tightly and securely before purchasing it.

Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded.

Cigars are a luxury item. They are meant to be savored, and enjoyed with friends and family for years. Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded.

While cigars do take some time and patience to enjoy compared to other types of tobacco products (smokeless or chew), that doesn’t mean that you need an elaborate humidor to keep them fresh and tasty! In fact, many cigar enthusiasts prefer the simplicity of a desktop humidor as opposed to larger cabinet models—and we’ll explain why in just a moment!

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter where you store your cigars, but rather how you store them.

While it is true that the best cigar humidors are made by hand, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a hand-made humidor in order to keep your cigars fresh. In fact, there are plenty of great affordable models available that do an excellent job at maintaining optimal humidity levels for your cigars.

Remember: it’s not where you store your cigars that matters; it’s how you store them. If you’re looking for a place where you can keep all of your precious stogies safe and sound while they age gracefully over time, look no further than our selection 

Sometimes, when cigars have not been stored properly, they will have a musty smell to them.

The cigar will possibly be ruined if it has a musty smell. This is actually very common with cigars that are too moist or too dry.

If your cigars do not have any signs of mold and still smell musty then it means that they were stored incorrectly either in high humidity or low humidity conditions.

Cigar humidors are the best way to ensure that your cigars are always at their peak.

Cigar humidors come in many different shapes and sizes, but at the heart of each one is a simple core principle: to keep your cigars at their peak by maintaining the right temperature and humidity.

If you’re serious about your cigar collection, then investing in a humidor is essential. Not only will it keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke, but it will also be an attractive addition to any room!

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