Cuesta-Rey Maduro No. 7

Hand holding Cuesta Rey No. 7 in front of brick wall with ash on the end

Ever since 1884 Cuesta-Rey Cigars have maintained a pristine reputation as premium cigars.

Started by Angel Cuesta and Peregrino Rey eventually the quality of their cigars gave them the title of the official tobacco purveyor for the Spanish king and court. Rarely do brands this old keep their traction in an ever-changing market. Cuesta-Rey is timeless; the box of the Centenario line still pictures Sally just as they did over 100 years ago. The no.7 Maduro is a 4½ x 50 robusto with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper over Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. These rich and flavorful cigars are available in boxes of ten for just over $60. This makes it a very affordable box purchase with a great presentation.

The cigars themselves are sturdy, the Broadleaf wrapper is thick and has a rough feel. When given a squeeze they have only a little give, resulting in a perfect draw. Notes of barnyard, hay, leather, earth, and pepper are delivered in a medium-bodied package throughout the entirety of the cigar. On average, burn time was between 30-35 minutes. The biggest compliment I can give these cigars is consistency.

Every one I smoked has the same draw, flavor, and construction. For a cigar under $8, this is outstanding. I can see this cigar fitting into any part of your day. It is not too strong to smoke in the morning and it has enough flavor to pair with a variety of beverages in the evening. The brand permeates rich history from its conception in 1884 and is still going strong. I hope Cuesta-Rey by J.C. Newman can celebrate another 137 years in your humidor and ashtray.

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