Cigar Basics 101: What You Need To Know About Cigars

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Cigars are a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of friends or family. However, for many people who just started smoking cigars and might be new to this hobby, there is a lot of information that can get quite overwhelming and confusing. This article will help clarify some common questions about cigars so you can start enjoying them more!

What is the history behind cigars?

There’s a lot of history behind cigars, but it all started in Cuba. Cigars were first made in Cuba back in the 1500s, when Christopher Columbus brought tobacco seeds from Cuba to the New World. They became popular as medicine and were used during the American Revolutionary War as an alternative to smoking pipes or chewing tobacco.

During this time period, cigar smoking was associated with both men and women of all classes; however, it wasn’t until later on that men began smoking them exclusively because they didn’t want women getting involved with what they considered a masculine hobby. The popularity of cigars continued to grow throughout this era and eventually spread across America—but not before making its way through Europe first!

Types of Cigars – Cigar Shapes & Sizes


A classic parejo is your basic cigar shape, although it may feel more Cuban than Dominican. It’s a long and thin cigar (typically between 6-8 inches long and 42 gauge), with a rounded head and a tapered foot. It’s a great option for those just getting into cigar smoking. 


The corona is kind of like the parejo’s more glamorous sister. It’s the same length as a parejo (usually around 6-8 inches), but it’s significantly fatter (typically in the 46-48 gauge range). The most significant difference between a parejo and a corona is the shape of the head. 


The coronado is a very unique cigar shape. It has a wide foot, a very large head, and a narrow middle section. This unique shape makes it stand out from the crowd, as it’s more of an exotic and rare shape.


The belicoso may be the fanciest of all the cigar shapes. It’s shorter than a parejo and a corona, but it’s significantly fatter than a standard coronado. Like the coronado, it has a very large head and a very narrow middle. 


The lonsdale is a very long and thin cigar. It’s 6-7 inches long and around two inches wide. It’s similar to a parejo in shape, but it’s significantly longer and skinnier. 


The panetela is a very short cigar, which is why it feels almost like a miniature or miniature cigar. It’s usually between 3-4 inches long and 40-42 gauge. The panetela is a very unique shape that’s not as common as the other cigar shapes. 


The pyramid is the weirdest and most interesting of all cigar shapes. It’s a short cigar with a very large head. The foot of the pyramid is very narrow and pointed, and it gradually widens as you go up the length of the cigar. 

Some cigars are made with a different wrapper. For example, Cuban cigars are generally wrapped in a shade-grown leaf from Cuba that gives them their distinctive flavor. Other types of wrappers include Connecticut Shade and Cameroon.

There are also some cigars that have unique blends of tobacco or even a different size than traditional ones. These can be great for beginners to try as they help introduce you to new tastes and sensations!

How To Choose The Right Cigar For You

The first step to choosing the right cigar for you is to determine what kind of experience you are looking for. After all, it’s not as simple as picking out a brand and sticking with it. A good cigar will depend on your preferences, what you plan on doing with it and where you plan on smoking it. Here are some things to consider:


If you enjoy lighter smokes that have subtle flavors like nuts or cream, then choosing one from Davidoff’s Signature Series would be a good bet. However, if dark chocolate and espresso are more up your alley then Tatuaje Pudgy Monster Petite might be right up your alley!

Overall Smoking Experience 

If this is going to be an everyday smoke or something special that will only happen once in a while then having an excellent construction is essential! It doesn’t matter how great the flavor is if it’s going to fall apart after 10 minutes of smoking because there isn’t enough filler inside… That being said; we recommend staying away from anything pressed too tightly (like machine made) because they tend not work well over time due to their lack of taper in comparison with traditional rolling methods(manual).

Cigar Etiquette Tips

Cigars are a social experience, so you should be careful not to offend your fellow cigar smokers.

Never smoke a cigar when it is too hot or too cold. This will ruin the flavor and burn of your cigar, making it unpleasant for all parties involved.

Cut Your Cigar Correctly: Cutting your cigar correctly is important for a pleasant smoking experience. If you cut too much off the end of your cigar, you could negatively affect how it burns during use. 

Conversely, if there is not enough material left on the head/foot of your lit stick after lighting up, then air flow into its chamber may be restricted as well. 

After this point has passed then remove all ash content off both ends using either one hand or two depending on preference though always ensure safety first before beginning any activity involving fire hazards such as these which should always take precedence over other activities requiring less caution than normal due to inherent risks involved when handling matches/lighters/torches etcetera.”

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