Premium Cigars: How Can You Tell If a Cigar is High Quality?

Premium Cigars

At LM Cigars, we’re often asked that question. The first thing a new buyer needs to know is – there is no single indicator that tells you a cigar is high quality. The word “premium” is used to describe the top of the line. Premium Cigars are high-quality cigars that you’d be proud to smoke on any occasion or give as a gift. You’ll need to consider a number of factors.

When you’re looking to find the best and most high-quality premium cigars, you need to know what signs to look for.

What is a premium cigar?

So you’ve heard of premium cigars, but you’re not sure what they are. Premium cigars are made with high-quality tobacco that’s been expertly rolled and cured.

A premium cigar is a cigar that is made from the best quality tobacco. A premium cigar should be aged for a minimum of 2 years. At its most basic level, this means that if you see any machine parts on the production line or mass-production methods being used then it’s not going to be considered premium—it must be hand-rolled and made with great care in small batches with traditional methods.

The result? A cigar that has a smooth taste and a slow burn—and lasts for about an hour or more. Because premium cigars are made with such care and attention, you can tell if one is high quality by looking at its construction.

Features of Premium Cigars

Even if you’re new to cigars, you’ll notice the difference in taste and aroma, as well as the burn, draw, and flavor. The strength, smoothness, and consistency of the smoke are also important factors when determining quality.

As you can see, there are a lot of different things to look for when choosing a premium cigar. Some of these things are easier to judge than others. The label and band will give you some information about the brand and its quality, but they don’t tell you much about how good or bad the cigar will be.

To determine if a cigar is of high quality, you need to focus on the wrapper. A good wrapper should be smooth, oily and free of veins. The cigar should feel firm but not hard. If it’s too soft or too hard, that indicates issues with the manufacturing process. Finally, inspect the aroma of your LM purchase—a good cigar will have a pleasant and inviting aroma that doesn’t overwhelm or overpower other scents in close proximity.

If all else fails and you can’t tell whether or not a particular cigar is high quality by looking at it or smelling it directly, try doing some research on the cigar brand itself or the manufacturer of that particular cigar.Benefits of Premium Cigars

Smoking high-end cigars offers many benefits. First, You’ll have a much better smoking experience with a premium cigar than with one that’s mass-produced. The expertise and attention to detail that premium cigar makers employ leads to a more pleasurable smoking experience overall—and it’s why we recommend spending an extra dollar or two per stick when you’re buying premium cigars!

The benefits of a high-quality cigar are:

  • A perfect draw. This means that you will get a good amount of smoke, but not so much that it burns your throat, or too little where not enough smoke comes through to enjoy.
  • Refined taste profile. It should never taste harsh, the taste should be complex and smooth to perfection. Top quality construction from cutting the cap of the cigar, to taking the last puff before finishing the cigar, the construction of the entire cigar should be flawless. An even burn, the ash holds together well, and the cigar itself shows the hand rolled craftsmanship it intended to be as a work of art.Furthermore, premium cigar brands are known for their luxury attributes —the way that the filler and binder leaves are formed into a cigar shape is different from lower-quality cigars. This means that you get more consistent results from smoking these premium cigars: if one tastes great one day, it will generally taste great every other time as well! In addition to this consistency in quality, they also come in higher quality packaging than lower end cigars (such as wooden boxes) which makes them look even more appealing on display at home or in public locations like hotels or clubs where you can share them with friends while having fun conversations over drinks or food too!

Shop Premium Cigars at LM Cigars

Cigars are a premium product and they should be treated as such. If you’re looking for an online cigar store that offers a wide range of premium cigars and accessories, look no further than LM Cigars. We offer a large selection of brands and sizes to suit every smoker’s tastes.

When you buy premium cigars from LM Cigars, you know that they’re going to be high-quality. We stand by every cigar we sell because we know how much effort goes into making them. Every premium cigar on our site is hand rolled with only the finest tobacco leaves and made using traditional techniques passed down through generations of cigar makers. So next time you want a great smoke, remember that there’s no better place than LM Cigars to find your perfect match!

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