Seasoning Your Cigar Humidor: Why and How?

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Seasoning Your Cigar Humidor

Whether you’re a novice cigar smoker, or a seasoned professional, there are important skills required to keeping your cigars fresh, and for aging them to your desire. One of the most important of these skills, is properly preparing your humidor.

Why to season a cigar humidor

Humidors come in many shapes, and many sizes. Some humidors fit 40 cigars, like the Oxford 40 Count and some fit 90, like the Craftsman’s Bench Laredo. But what they have in common is their need to be seasoned. A humidor’s proper moisture and temperature environment must be created before attempting to store cigars to keep them fresh and aging properly. Without these steps, it is likely the wood in the humidors will absorb the moisture from your cigars, drying them out before you can even smoke them.

How to season a cigar humidor

You can start with a fresh sponge. Dampen – don’t soak – the sponge with distilled water, and use this sponge to moisten the sides, top, and bottom of the humidor interior. Once complete, leave the sponge in the humidor on top of a plastic bag, to ensure that there is no direct contact between the sponge and the humidor. Close the empty humidor with sponge inside and leave it overnight (at least 12 hours). Remove the sponge and bag and close the humidor again for an additional 12 hours.

You and your cigars are ready to go! If you’ve purchased a Diamond Crown Humidor, you can now install your Diamond Crown Humidification System, or any other humidification you choose to keep your cigars fresh! It’s important to keep your humidity no higher than 72% to make sure your cigars are firm, and do not grow any mold.

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