Rocky Patel The Edge Connecticut Robusto

RP The Edhe Connecticut Toro

Rocky Patel is a brand that persists in the hearts and minds of cigar consumers through sheer force of will. While other fledgling brands faltered and came to an abrupt demise towards the end of the 1990’s cigar boom, Rocky Patel’s brand sustained itself through the large volume of cigar production and advertisements. Rocky Patel’s brand greatly benefitted from the opening of cigar lounges, such as BURN. Now, Rocky is counted among the legends of the cigar industry. The Rocky Patel portfolio features numerous cigar brands from Nicaragua and Honduras, but one of the most successful Rocky Patel brands is The Edge. Warning its consumers to beware of imitations on the cigar band, The Edge marks itself as an exquisite smoke and one of the finest regular production cigars on the market.

The Edge Connecticut Robusto is a 5.5”x50 Parejo Robusto-sized cigar produced by Rocky Patel El Paraiso in Honduras. The cigar features an immaculate Connecticut shade wrapper. The box of twenty showed much consistency in terms of wrapper color and quality. The binder and filler tobaccos are Honduran. The cigar lit evenly and smoothly with slight canoeing towards the second third of the cigar. This cigar is notable for the long ash structure it maintains. The cigar tasting notes include toasted wheat, honey, cinnamon, cedar, and a slight aftertaste of white pepper. The cigar flavor was consistent and pleasing throughout the smoking duration of an hour and fifteen minutes. The cigar’s profile is mild to medium and is approachable for the smoking novice and the cigar aficionado. Rocky Patel’s website suggests this cigar as the perfect golf course cigar. Similarly, this cigar is recommended for its quality and value. At $129.60 for a box of twenty, Rocky’s value cannot be beaten. It is because of this quality and value that Rocky Patel has persisted in the cigar industry.

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