Brick House Double Connecticut Short Torpedo

brick house double connecticut short torpedo blog

There is no better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than smoking some American tobacco. The Brick House Double Connecticut Short Torpedo is the perfect pairing for any U.S.-based holiday. With a genuine Connecticut Shade wrapper, a real Connecticut Broadleaf binder, and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos; this cigar steals the show! The cigar wears the traditional Brick House band, complimented by a foot band that looks like the American flag. I do not typically prefer torpedo-shaped cigars, but this one is rather fun. The torpedo is rather subtle and makes a smooth transition into the rest of the cigar. After cutting, the cold draw gives off notes of hay and peanuts. After lighting the cigar, I get a well-balanced, light to medium-bodied flavor. Notes of peanut butter, grass, bread, hay, citrus, and a slight hint of white pepper show themselves. Overall, there is no bite or overly intense components. I will say that the smoke is thick and fulfilling, making this cigar just a notch above mild on the intensity scale. 

Between three samples there were no variances in flavor, construction, or smoke time. Each one burned for about 50-55 minutes. With the cost of labor in the United States and how labor-intensive it is to grow tobacco, Iā€™m not sure how the guys at J.C. Newman can price this cigar so affordably! For under $7 a cigar and with two Connecticut components, this cigar is a steal. With labor costs in the United States being so high, usually the tobacco and cigars are pricy too.  It is the perfect price point for a daily, long-filler, premium cigar. Packaged in boxes of 25, with a price tag of under $160 this one will surely help you celebrate Independence Day properly!

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