Padron 2000 Natural

Nicaraguan Excellence

               Padron is a name recognized by every cigar lover. Since 1970, Padron has been the most iconic Nicaraguan-based cigar manufacturer available on the consumer market. Millions of Padron cigars are sold annually based off the merits of the Padron family name. Padron does not utilize dedicated sales representatives because of the success of their brands. The rarity and brand association of the Padron cigar causes it to sell itself. Everything Padron makes is carefully crafted and masterfully blended. This causes even the regular production line cigars, such as the Padron Series or the Damaso, to be as highly praised and successful as their super premium cigars. If you want to get anyone a good cigar, regardless of their experience level or palate, you get them Padron. Fuente is to the Dominican Republic as Padron is to Nicaragua. This is a good analogy reinforced by the recently unveiled cigar collaboration created by the two families.

Padron 2000

From Exiles to Royalty

               The Padron family lineage traces itself to the wisdom of Damaso Padron, a tobacco farmer and Cuban exile who planted his roots in Miami. Damaso’s family would expand the patriarchal legacy of tobacco farming into a successful Miami storefront store which stands to this day. Jose Padron made his father’s name internationally recognized by manufacturing cigars in Nicaragua and Honduras for the last fifty despite numerous challenges. The most interesting segment of Padron family history came in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This was the lowest point of cigar sales and consumption in modern history. Additionally, Nicaragua was beset by internal problems from the Sandinista government and external problems from the Reagan administration. Forged by fire, the Padron factory (known as Piloto Cigars Inc.) became a powerhouse of production at a rate of about three to five million cigars a year. Now, the company enjoys a semblance of stability in Nicaragua and owns several small farms for growing its personal stock of cigar tobacco.

               The Padron Series is one of the most widely distributed Padron cigar brands, coming in a huge variety of vitolas. Indeed, the Padron Series comes in fifteen different sizes which encapsulate everything from the humble cortico (similar to a petite corona) to the imposing magnum (similar to a double corona). The Padron 2000 is a 5×50 parejo robusto with a Nicaraguan puro blend. A robusto is a classic cigar size and typically exemplifies the best side of a particular cigar blend. Robustos usually have a 50-54 ring gauge and, as such, can show off a fairly diverse blend of two or three types of long filler. For this reason, cigar manufacturers introduce new brands with a robusto and/or toro size. The cigar is made with aged, long-filler tobaccos in the Padron factory, Piloto Cigars Inc., located in Esteli, Nicaragua. Padron’s Nicaragua factory is one of the oldest and most illustrious in Esteli, breaking ground in 1970. Padron’s tobaccos represent the most sophisticated of Nicaraguan blends. The Padron 2000 calls back to the original cigars Jose Padron rolled in Miami, encapsulating the high standards of Cuba’s exile community.

One in a Million 2000

Upon examination, the wrapper is immaculate and bears a rather ashen brown appearance akin to mahogany. The aroma of the unlit cigar is rich and hearty, reminiscent of the scents from a tannery or brewery. The lit bouquet of the cigar reminds one of bourbon barrel oak as well as nutmeg and ginger. The 2000 begins strongly, bearing tasting notes of earthy sweetness, such as dark chocolate and molasses, with sharp interjections of robust flavor, such as black pepper or mole sauce, as it burns down towards the middle of the cigar. Nicaragua’s myriad growing regions (Esteli, Condega, Jalapa, Pueblo Nuevo, and the island of Ometepe) possess high amounts of volcanic ash in the soil. The microclimate or terroir unique to these regions imparts a distinct taste onto the tobacco which smokes hearty, peppery, and full-bodied. The Padron farmlands in the north of Nicaragua create some of the finest specimens of Nicaraguan tobacco known to the cigar world. The blend of aged visos, secos, and ligeros burns in fine-crafted tubes (entubado) to create a slow-burning cigar which channels from the foot to the head of the cigar. The blend grows as it nears the nub, incorporating notes of cardamum, anise, and turmeric into the earthy sweetness.

This is one of the best Nicaraguan cigars commercially available. Another credit to the Padron name: the cigars come in boxes of twenty-six. Why sell a box of twenty-five cigars with a spacer when you could sell a box of twenty-six instead? The prioritization of family legacy and craftsmanship above net sales is what grants the Padron cigars the power of their name. Some of the Padron’s Miami storefront customers are the original Cuban exile customers who have returned for the same order for decades. It is hoped that you, too, will keep coming back to www.lmcigars.comto buy the Padron again and again.

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