Montecristo Classic Especial No. 1

Single cigar leaning on an open box of Montecristo Classic Series cigars

The name Montecristo resonates with cigar smokers worldwide. Their superb quality and flavor have withstood the test of time in an ever-changing industry. The Montecristo Classic Especial No. 1 holds true to this statement.

The quality of the packaging and flavor of the cigar makes for an obvious, affordable buy. The box features the brand logo, along with some new-age flare, holding 20 cigars. The cigar itself features a genuine high-grade Connecticut shade wrapper over Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. The cigar measures 44 x 6 ½ and can be described as a Lonsdale.

The cigars are firm to the touch with a little more give towards the center and foot of the cigar. The Especial No. 1 lights with ease and has good smoke output. The quality of the construction is apparent. The flavor is great right off the bat with hints of molasses, cedar, cream, and nuts. The smoke is thick and fulfilling with a perfect draw. About halfway through the cigar, the flavor shifts to have a little white pepper and grass added to the blend. The strength and flavor were both light to medium. With the smoothness and amount of flavor, this cigar could be enjoyed at any time of the day. The burn time is around one hour fifteen minutes.

This is the perfect cigar to have in your humidor that goes with any occasion and pairing.

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