The Punch Clasico London Club Review

The Punch Clasico London Club box and cigar

The Punch Clasico London Club is a tasteful, affordable box to have in your humidor.

This cigar is manufactured in Honduras by General Cigar Co. It uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper over Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican filler. The London Club is the name for the size, a 5 x 40 which is slightly skinnier than a standard corona size. The full box of 25 will cost you slightly more than $60 which I consider to be a steal.

The Sumatra wrapper is a dark brown color with a good amount of oil and teeth. Construction seems to be perfect with just a little bit of give when squeezed and no imperfections in the outer leaf. It holds up resiliently to a straight cut, there is no cracking. The cold draw is subtle and pleasant with hints of sweet coffee. The cigar is easily lit with an even burn throughout the entirety of the cigar. The draw is right in the sweet spot of not too tight or too loose. The intensity and flavor are both medium.

The Punch Clasico has hints of licorice, coffee, nuts, and charred wood. Those flavors remain consistent and prominent during the entire cigar. The average smoke time between 3 cigars is 25-30 minutes. Overall, this is a fantastic cigar. I highly recommend picking up a box of these. They are perfect morning/coffee cigars. I am a big fan of the size. A normal corona is 5×44, this cigar is a fair bit skinnier which shaves about ten minutes off the smoke time.

This is a quick smoke with little to no spice at all. Pick up a box from Luis Martinez and add some variety to your humidor for those days when you do not have an hour or more to spare.  

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