Top 5 Tailgate Cigars for Fall

don rafael 1998 reserve toro natural

Tailgating season is upon us! Stock up on cigars at for the best time of the year. Cigars and football, name a better pairing! There are plenty of ballers who transitioned to the cigar industry, from Cam Newton’s cigar lounge to Jay Cutler’s Outsider cigar brand. Plenty of industry men were studs in their day too, such as Eric Newman or John Oliva, Jr. Despite being a Florida company, Luis Martinez is an equal opportunity cigar website and offers great deals and excellent cigars to all fans. Whether you’re in a cigar lounge, the stadium parking lot, or the comfort of your own mancave or smoking room, you deserve to light up and let up with a fine cigar watching your team soars to heights of glory or sinks to the bottom of the division. The following guide provides a list of recommendations from Luis Martinez’s stock, including new arrivals to their premium cigar roster and great savings for your wallet.

No. 5: Plasencia Alma del Fuego Candente (10ct Box)

plasencia alma del fuego candente

 Plasencia is a household name for cigar enjoyers due to the hard work, grit, and determination displayed by patriarch Nestor Plasencia, Sr. despite trials and tribulations faced transplanting the family from their homeland of Cuba to the lush tobacco fields of Honduras and Nicaragua. If not for the pioneering resolution of the Plasencia family, the cigar industry in Central America would be negligible and there might not be the quality leaf we cigar aficionados enjoy today. There is a reason virtually everyone in the cigar industry buys tobacco from Plasencia farms and warehouses. They grow some of the best quality leaf in the world. Only recently, compared to their history of tobacco farming, did Plasencia rock the cigar industry by putting out smash hit after smash hit of premium handmade cigar. The Plasencia Alma del Fuego line of cigars is a bold and spicy blend of sun grown tobacco which highlight the alluvial, volcanic soils of Ometepe and the sapid, Windsor soils of Jalapa, two growing regions in Nicaragua famed for the quality of their respective tobacco leaves. To the pride of the Plasencia family, Alma del Fuego cigars are Nicaraguan puros and thus medium to full-bodied. The cigar offers a hint of spice, complemented by savory notes of tangerine, roasted cashews, and guava wood. The Candente (robusto, 5×50) size takes about an hour to smoke, making it the perfect pre-game ritual.

No. 4: Ashton (Classic) Corona (25ct Box)

Open box of 25 count Ashton Corona cigars

Ashton has been a monolith on the cigar landscape since the cigar boom in the 1990’s. Known primarily for their Dominican high-end cigars, such as the Ashton VSG or the Ashton Cabinet, the Ashton Classic is an old standby often overshadowed by its showier cousins. The ideal off-hand for the tailgate’s grill master or bartender, the Ashton Classic offers a mellow and enjoyable smoke for any occasion. Ashton defines premium Dominican taste in an iconic profile, unsurpassed in quality and consistency. Luxurious Dominican binder and filler tobaccos, aged three to four years, support a rich, golden-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf. Savor an impressive portrait of cedar, coffee bean, almond, hay, and cashew notes with a touch of sweetness and spice around the edges. New cigar lovers and seasoned connoisseurs discover and relive their affinity for premium cigars with the Cigar Aficionado 92-rated Ashton Classic. Although many cigar manufacturers produce larger ring gauge cigars, the slimmer Corona highlights the rich aroma of the Connecticut Shade wrapper. The cigar takes about an hour to smoke and burns evenly throughout the smoking experience. Ashton has been making these quality cigars longer than your team’s last Super Bowl appearance, enjoy!

No. 3: Brick House (Natural) Teaser (28ct Box)

25 count open box brick house teaser cigars

Brick House cigars rank amongst the most smoked Nicaraguan cigars of all time. Go to any cigar shop in America and you will see a plethora of Brick House cigar boxes open with a wide range of sizes available for purchase. Whether it’s a Brick House Mighty Mighty Maduro or a Brick House Double Connecticut Short Torpedo, however, nobody can beat the prices and saving offered by Luis Martinez Cigars. Now that it’s tailgating season, stock up on a box or two of Brick House! Brick House cigars are a great value stick and therefore perfect whether you are going to watch college ball or the NFL. Light up in the student section after a victory or smoke around the outdoor firepit in the backyard on gameday. Recently, Brick House cigars have become available in the “teaser” size (3.5×56). An overnight sensation, the Brick House Teaser cigar has become one of the most talked about cigars and a best seller nationwide. Brick House teaser awards include the Best Bargain Cigar of 2009 and a place in the Top 25 Cigars of 2010 by Cigar Aficionado. The cigar is a medium-bodied cigar with a sapid Ecuadorian Habano wrapper over top a bold, nutty blend of finely aged Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. This cigar is a fantastic smoke that takes about an hour or less.

No. 2: Leather Rose Torpedo (24ct Box)

Open box of 24 count Deadwood Leather Rose cigars

 In the same vein of great Nicaraguan value cigars for tailgating season, the Deadwood Tobacco Co. makes some of the most popular cigars in the American market. These are flavor infused cigars which have a sweet, chocolatey taste which pairs nicely with the peppery, leather-like taste of Nicaraguan tobacco. Some cigar aficionados are purists and view any violation of a tobacco’s natural flavor as an affront to their sensibilities. Go to any cigar shop in America, however, and you will see the popularity of flavor infused cigars firsthand. Deadwood Tobacco Co. cigars, such as the Sweet Jane or Fat Bottom Betty, move faster than most other brands. These cigars are popular for a good reason. The Leather Rose Torpedo (5×54 torpedo) represents the best value offered by the company as a box of twenty-four cigars. These cigars are medium to full-bodied Nicaraguan handmade cigars. The Deadwood Leather Rose Torpedo cigars are wrapped in a Maduro wrapper and blended with aromatic, exotic Nicaraguan tobaccos that bring out the natural sweetness of the cigars. This cigar takes about an hour to smoke and is the prefect party cigar for newer smokers to enjoy alongside more seasoned veterans at the tailgate.

No. 1: Don Rafael 1998 Reserva Natural Toro (20ct Box)

don rafael 1998 reserve toro natural

The Don Rafael 1998 Reserva Natural Toro cigar by Victor Sinclair was made in honor of the year Don Rafael cigars were released to the public. Since 1998, Don Rafael cigars have been a go-to value stick for countless cigar aficionados across the globe. This latest blend crafted by Victor Sinclair is hand rolled in the Dominican Republic using aged tobaccos from four different countries and a golden Natural wrapper for a flavorful smooth cigar that can be enjoyed anytime of the day, perfect for the afternoon pre-game rituals of grilling and drinking. If you know cigars, you know this must be a special cigar as it was created to showcase and honor the legendary Don Rafael cigar brand from Victor Sinclair. See for yourself why Don Rafael is a timeless classic! The Don Rafael 1998 Reserva Natural Toro is a smooth to medium-bodied Dominican handmade cigar, delivering a mellow aroma which lingers gently on the palate. The cigar smokes evenly for about an hour with a flavorful blend of aged tobaccos.

Top 5 Cigars of the Summer

Cohiba red dot toro cigar

The dog days of summer are upon us, but for Luis Martinez and cigar aficionados like you this is the best time of the year. Every year in July, hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of cigar retailers descend upon Las Vegas for the annual PCA trade show. The trade show is a cigar aficionado’s wet dream with every new cigar, accessory, and humidor gadget on display. Luis Martinez will offer many of these new cigar brands and, in the spirit of the season, offers a list of this summer’s hottest and fastest moving cigars. Heat index permitting, enjoy these top 5 cigars of the summer outdoors on the pool deck or in your favorite patio lounging chair.

No. 5: Undercrown Shade

Undercrown is a Drew Estate brand of cigars blended by industry grandmaster and blender Willy Herrera. These cigars let the tobacco speaks for itself using a complex and compelling blend of the finest aged Nicaraguan filler tobaccos from Esteli and Jalapa. The wrapper and binder varies for these cigars but none are finer for a summer stick than the Undercrown Shade Especiale. This cigar has an Ecuadorian Shade wrapper and Sumatran binder, providing a mellow and enjoyable smoking experience. These cigars are available as a (6×50) box of 10. An alternative buying option is the Undercrown Shade Gran Toro (6×52) fresh pack of five which is a very similar tobacco blend and flavor profile but half the price. These cigars are perfect anytime of a summer day. The cigar lights easy and smoothly, staying lit as the ideal poolside or beach cigar. A great companion to a wheat beer or coffee, this cigar takes about an hour and a half to smoke. This is the optimal time to spend outside in the summer sun under the veranda shade. For a quick, inexpensive summer smoke, consider this Undercrown Shade Toro Especiale. This cigar is mild and grassy with notes of peanuts and white pepper. This cigar is consistently ranked one of the best cigars on Luis Martinez due to its value and quality. Undercrown ranks as #5 on top 5 cigars of the summer.

undercrown shade box of cigars

No. 4: Oliva Connecticut Reserve

Oliva Connecticut Reserve is one of the most popular smooth to medium-bodied shade wrapper cigars available at humidors and cigar shops across the United States. Now available on Luis Martinez, this cigar is one of the website’s top cigars with additional savings over brick-and-mortar storefronts and even other online cigar retail websites. This cigar comes as a box of 20 Connecticut Reserve Robusto (5×50) or, as an alternate buying option, a box of 10 Connecticut Reserve Double Toro (6×60). These cigars are silky smooth and produce the kind of licorice-smelling, spicy-sweet smoke that lights up a room. Alternatively, these cigars generate a lot of smoke and are the best friend of someone flyfishing or cooking at an outdoor barbecue—they’ll keep the mosquitoes away! The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Shade on top of premium Nicaraguan binder and long filler tobacco. These cigars deserve their many accolades. Indeed, Cigar Aficionado rated this cigar a 95. The cigar is a quick, hour-long smoke with notes of cedar and hay throughout the cigar. The rest of the tobacco burning in unison with the Ecuador Shade wrapper creates a complex blend of peppery, nutty bouquet. Smokers shouldn’t hesitate to purchase a box of these cigars as they often get sold out and backordered for several months. Oliva Connecticut Reserve ranks as #4 on top 5 cigars of the summer.

oliva connecticut reserve double toro box open

No. 3: Rocky Patel Edge Maduro

Breaking the mold of Summer Shade for a moment, the Rocky Patel Edge Battalion Maduro is a full-bodied Honduran handmade cigar with an exceptional blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Connecticut tobaccos. At 6×60, this cigar is a larger ring gauge compared to the previous two brands discussed and is fully loaded with flavor. Rocky Patel has long been known for his experimentation with the bolder flavors of filler tobaccos grown in the volcanic, alluvial soils of Nicaragua and Honduras. The Edge is one of the most popular premium value cigars found in humidors across the United States. The Edge Battalion Maduro takes the value and flavor of its milder siblings and cranks it up to eleven. Rocky Patel The Edge, no doubt one of the stronger cigars in the Rocky Patel line. Extraordinarily well-balanced, the complexity and strength of the cigar is savory and aromatic. This cigar is constructed entirely of 5-year-aged tobacco and makes a statement with its peppery, dry finish. These cigars take about an hour and a half to smoke, the perfect cigar for summer evenings. The cigar bears tasting notes of peanuts, white pepper, moss, molasses, and earth. These cigars come in boxes of twenty and represent remarkable value, an excellent way to end the summer and usher in the fall. Rocky Patel Edge Maduro ranks as #3 on top 5 cigars of the summer.

rocky patel edge maduro battalion box

No. 2: Alec Bradley Prensado

Despite their recent acquisition at the hands of General Cigar Co., Alec Bradley has not skipped a beat as far as its production quality and quantity. Of its diverse and varied portfolio, few brands are as popular and highly regarded as the Alec Bradley Prensado. Literally translating to “pressed” in Spanish, Prensado cigars are long-filler handmade cigars made in the classic Cuban “entubado” style with a triple cap. Finally, these cigars are box-pressed in production crates at the famous Raices Cubanas factory in Danli, Honduras. This is one of the top cigars to try this summer. These cigars are exquisite, and their praise is cemented by frequent accolades, such as the Cigar Aficionado #1 Cigar of the Year in 2011 (rated 96). Luis Martinez has the honor of selling Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill cigars in boxes of twenty-four. These cigars are 7×48 Churchills which take about an hour and a half to two hours to smoke. This cigar uses a gorgeous wrapper grown from proprietary Honduran Corojo Cuban-seed tobaccos. This wrapper is complimented nicely by a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos which create a medium-to-full bodied cigar with a spicy sweet aroma and a leather-like, chocolaty finish. This is a great medium-bodied cigar to round out your summer selection. Alec Bradley Prensado ranks as #2 on top 5 cigars of the summer.

No. 1: Cohiba Red Dot

Cohiba is Cuba’s national brand, synonymous with quality and rarity. The brand derives its name from the long grasses the indigenous Cubans would smoke. The brand derives its fame from the extremely limited production, reserved for Fidel Castro and his favored party members alone. The American Cohiba brand, owned and distributed by General Cigar Co., allows the everyman to participate in the legend and mystique of Cohiba cigars and Cuban(-seed) tobacco. The Cohiba Red Dot is especially lauded for its constituent blend of unique, sapid tobaccos. Uncommon even for the long-reaching tendrils of General Cigar Co.’s influence, the cigar bears an aged Cameroon wrapper over top a blend of Indonesian binder tobacco and Dominican filler tobaccos. The result is a singular smoking experience of creamy, nutty flavors which are sweet and pleasant from foot to head. This is a cigar you will find yourself smoking on lazy summer afternoons. The robusto size (5×50) makes a quick smoke for someone with limited time. The cigar box attests to the quality of its product, “Meticulously handcrafted in the Dominican Republic, Cohiba is the product of masterful blending. Featuring three varieties of Cuban seed tobaccos aged under the watchful eyes of our artisans, Cohiba is a dimensional, slightly-spicy smoke created for the initiated.” Cohiba Red Dot ranks as #1 on top 5 cigars of the summer.

Cohiba red dot toro cigar
Cohiba red dot toro cigar

Mi Querida Cigar Review

mi querida ancho corto open

Steve Saka was not a household name twenty years ago. When a cigar aficionado hears the name Padron or Fuente, ears perk up and the mind’s eye conjures forth images of tobacco and cigars, built upon generations of customer service and tobacco excellence. Steve Saka, on the other hand, seeks to make himself a legend in a single generation. Like Napoleon Bonaparte or Andrew Jackson, Saka surged forth from relative obscurity and took the industry by storm, hoping to make a name for himself in a single generation. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, Saka’s own firm, has amassed a huge following since its inception in the mid-2010’s. The brand enjoys so much recognition that its cultural ephemera, tchotchke items like the SakaSquatch statue, have a cult following. Indeed, every new allocated size or blend of Sobremesa or Sin Compromiso is snatched up by rabid fans akin to Drewbies (Drew Estate enjoyers). Saka’s children, such as Stillwell Star or Umbagog, are household names in the modern cigar shop. The Dunbarton website proclaims the quality of Saka, alongside his refusal to compromise:

“Cigars without compromise: This is an expression of our closely held ethos and states in just three simple words everything we wish to accomplish here at DTT. Cigars are more than just a passion for us; they are our life.

We want to create puros that pay respectful tribute to the long, vaulted history of handmade vitolas, honor the dedicated works of all the vegueros, torcedors and artists who dedicate their labors to this timeless craft. Our goal is to always offer the connoisseur an unparalleled smoking experience bar none.

Our ligador and catador de puros, Steve Saka, demands the most exact standards be honored at all times.
Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust’s cigars have all been rated exceptionally high including at the very top of hundreds of annual lists and we are the only maker to have been named the “Company of the Year” for 4 Consecutive Years by the Halfwheel™ Consensus.”

Steve Saka infiltrated the cigar industry way back in the 1980’s. Initially a cigar blogger and consultant for cigar retailer and distributor JR Cigars, Saka has been a noticeable presence in the cigar industry for more than twenty years. His prolific knowledge of cigars came from the careful tutelage of JR’s Lew Rothman. In the early 2000’s, Saka directed his energies towards making some of the finest Nicaraguan cigars in the world. Working alongside Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, later adding Willy Herrera to the blend, Saka forged Liga Privada and Hererra Esteli into instantly recognizable Nicaraguan brands. Within a couple of years of each brand’s respective origin, these cigars were seen in virtually every humidor and cigar shop across America.

When Drew Estate was bought out by the juggernaut that is Swisher International in 2014, Saka decided to strike out on his own. A Nicaraguan tobacco farmer once offhandedly mentioned to Saka, “It is better to keep the head of a rat than the tail of a lion.” This inspired him to begin again with cigars that were unfiltered, uncompromised Saka. From 2015 to the present, Saka has focused all his might into the myriad blends of Dunbarton. Long lauded for his tobacco knowledge, Saka put his money where his mouth was by releasing successive brands which ranked among the best cigars in the world. They say that success has many fathers, and that failure is an orphan. Dunbarton’s only father, however, is Steve Saka. Like their peppery, burly progenitor, each Dunbarton cigar bristles with the piquant flavor of Nicaragua’s volcanic soil.

Nicaraguan tobacco began as an inexpensive alternative to Cuban tobacco in a cigar industry reeling from the Cuban Embargo. Even in the 1970’s and 1980’s, Nicaraguan tobacco and cigar production was a convenient secondary source of leaf but, overall, an inferior grade to the Dominican and Cuban brands of the world. Now, however, Nicaragua is the king of the tobacco world. Many of the world’s most prestigious cigar manufacturers, such as Padron or Plasencia, rule over massive cigar factories and even larger tobacco fields. The brands of Nicaragua are known the world over for quality and quantity. As Honduran and Dominican imported cigars diminish, Nicaraguan imported cigars continue to grow in volume, variety, and quality. No finer Nicaraguan cigars are made than those from the Jalapa and Condega regional tobaccos grown and aged by the Perez family (A.S.P.). No finer Nicaraguan cigars are made than those hand-rolled at the Joya de Nicaragua, S.A. and Nicaragua American Cigar, S.A. factories in the heart of Esteli. To his delight, Steve Saka’s cigars are hand-rolled at these two factories with tobacco from the Perez family.

A US Navy veteran, it should not come as a shock when Saka’s brand names ooze with a bit of sailor humor and sex appeal. Named after the pet name Nicaraguan men often use to refer to their mistress, Mi Querida is a dark and alluring cigar. Exploding with the flavor of a forbidden love affair, Mi Querida is one of the more popular cigars in Saka’s portfolio. Saka comments on the brand,

“Cigar wise, it represents my personal maduro desires: a robust, extremely flavorful liga (blend) comprised of rich Nicaraguan leaf hand rolled in a 100% naturally fermented, heavy Broadleaf capa (wrapper). Earthy and dense with a long teasing, slightly dirty finish, Mi Querida is delightfully lush and full bodied on the palate offering an extremely satisfying experience for the most passionate of cigar smokers.”

Mi Querida is handcrafted at the recently renovated NACSA cigar factory under the stewardship of their new Master Cigarmaker Raul Disla. The cigar is fairly allocated with only select retailers receiving the cigar as a box of twenty.

Mi Querida Cigar Review

The cigar speaks for itself. Not to distract the cigar aficionado with bells and whistles, the band is a slender red and gold paper ring. It delicately enshrines the luscious Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The color of an oily and inviting dark chocolate, the cigar causes the mouth the water at a mere glance. Its smell is beyond words, to boot. The cigar smells of dark fruits and barnyard hay and gives a cold draw reminiscent of cocoa, charred hickory, and graham crackers. Being a rich and oily maduro, the cigar takes a good toasting but lights beautifully and burns evenly throughout the hour and a half smoking experience. The cigar builds in intensity towards the back half and finishes with the powerful taste of earth and spices, such as anise and black pepper. The cigar is the kind which leaves you smelling your hand and face in fond remembrance of its smoky flavor.

 Besides providing Mi Querida as one of the finest Broadleaf Maduro cigars in the world, Dunbarton also offers the Triqui Traca (a kind of long-fused firecracker in Nicaragua) as the Mi Querida’s more flavorful and full-bodied cousin. If a smoother, more balanced Broadleaf Maduro is your pace, Dunbarton also offers the Sobremesa Maduro. Finally, the Sobremesa Brulee is a sweet, grassy Shade-wrapper cigar for those just trying to start their day instead of rushing to the explosive or earthy finish. Steve Saka stands as one of the grandmasters of the modern cigar industry. It is for this reason that Luis Martinez is proud to offer a good portion of his company’s selection for purchase online.

Making Memories: Why Personalized Cigars are the Perfect Wedding Favor and Unique Gift


What to gift your wedding guests

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, from choosing the venue to selecting the perfect menu. However, when it comes to showing gratitude to your guests for attending your special day, why not opt for a unique and memorable favor that will leave a lasting impression? At LM Cigars, we specialize in personalized cigars that are sure to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your wedding celebration. In this article, we will explore the world of personalized cigars and why they are the perfect choice for couples who want to make their wedding truly unforgettable.

It’s all in the details

When it comes to personalizing your wedding, every detail matters. Personalized cigars offer a unique opportunity to add a special touch that reflects your personalities as a couple. Imagine your guests’ delight as they receive a cigar adorned with your names, wedding date, or even a photo of you. It’s these personalized details that make your wedding truly yours and create a sense of connection with your loved ones. By incorporating personalized cigars into your wedding, you infuse a sense of warmth and thoughtfulness into every aspect of the event, ensuring that it will be remembered for years to come.

A wedding keepsake

Weddings are filled with cherished memories, and personalized cigars serve as the perfect keepsake to commemorate your special day. Unlike many other wedding favors that may be forgotten or left behind, cigars have a timeless quality that can be preserved for years. Guests can take them home and savor the experience long after the wedding day has passed, with each puff evoking memories of your joyous celebration. By offering personalized cigars as a gift, you provide your guests with a unique and unexpected memento that will serve as a reminder of the love and happiness shared on your wedding day.

A wedding is more than just an event; it is an experience. Personalized cigars can help you create a truly memorable and immersive experience for your guests. Consider setting up a cigar bar at your wedding reception, where guests can gather and enjoy the finest handcrafted cigars. This creates a sophisticated ambiance, inviting guests to relax, indulge, and savor the moment. The presence of personalized cigars adds an air of sophistication and elegance, elevating the overall atmosphere of your wedding. By incorporating these cigars into your celebration, you offer your guests an experience that is truly unforgettable.

A cocktail hour experience

Weddings can be exhilarating but also a bit overwhelming for both the couple and the guests. Providing personalized cigars offers your guests a moment of relaxation amidst the joyful chaos. As the celebrations unfold, guests can find solace in a quiet corner, indulging in the soothing ritual of enjoying a finely crafted cigar. It becomes a time to unwind, reflect on the day’s events, and appreciate the love and happiness that surrounds them. By gifting personalized cigars, you provide your guests with a tranquil respite, allowing them to fully embrace and enjoy the festivities.

At LM Cigars, we understand the importance of customization when it comes to your wedding. We offer a range of customization options to ensure that your personalized cigars perfectly align with your vision. On our custom cigars page, you will find detailed information about the various customization options available. From selecting the type of cigar to choosing the design and message on the label, you have the freedom to create a truly unique and personalized experience for your guests. Our personalized cigars are versatile and can be tailored to fit different wedding themes and styles, ensuring that every detail harmonizes with your overall vision.

Ordering personalized cigars for your wedding from is a straightforward and hassle-free process. As you plan your wedding, we encourage you to consider personalized cigars as a distinctive and unforgettable wedding favor or gift. They allow you to express your gratitude to your guests in a meaningful way while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to your celebration. To learn more about our customization options and place an order, visit Let LM Cigars help you make your wedding day truly extraordinary with personalized cigars that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

LM Cigars Sells Black & Mild Cigars

Black and Mild original

History of Black & Mild Cigars

When John Middleton opened his small Philadelphia tobacco shop in 1856, he could have scarcely imagined that almost a century later his successors would make a brand which would ascend to preeminence above all other cigars in American history. Originally a pipe seller and blender of pipe tobaccos, John Middleton’s success as a tobacconist blossomed into its own manufactory in 1960. The factory built in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania still operates alongside other facilities in Limerick, Pennsylvania and Richmond, Virginia. Two of these facilities create Black & Mild cigars as well as some of the original pipe blends such as Prince Albert, Carter Hall, and Middleton’s Cherry Blend. Prince Albert, subject of a timeless joke, is burned into the American consciousness as well as the Black & Mild cigars burn outside every gas station, convenience store, and pharmacy.

 Pennsylvania used to be a huge manufacturing hub for tobacco. Lancaster County is home to huge communities of Amish and Mennonite farmers. This remains a source of the world’s finest broadleaf maduro wrappers. Allentown and Reading were twin cities for tobacco excellence, manufacturing dozens of the world’s finest cigar brands. Philadelphia, too, hosted many cigar manufacturers. Indeed, some Tampa and New York manufacturers relocated their factories to Pennsylvania with the advent of cigarmaking machines. Mechanization created a veritable colossus of cigarette, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, and cigars in the state. Out of this culture of tobacco and smoking, Black & Mild cigars was born.

Black & Mild cigars are the second most popular cigar of all time in the United States, just behind Swisher Sweets. Exploding onto the scene in 1968, The brand came to dominate almost all commercial drugstore humidors by 1996. These cigars are as American as Apple Pie. Indeed, John Middleton owns a significant share of the Philadelphia Phillies. As success mounted, the family switched from retail storefronts to mail-order and finally a totally manufacturing business. While many of the other great Pennsylvania cigar brands, such as Red Lion or Phillies, may have fallen off in popularity, Black & Mild and Gold & Mild continue to dominate. As recently as 2009, Black & Mild cigars made up nearly a third of all cigar products sold in the United States.

Recently, John Middleton was purchased by the tobacco juggernaut of Altria Group or Phillip Morris Companies, Inc. Altria Group is one of the largest tobacco product manufacturers in the world, generating an estimated $21 billion dollars in revenue. This huge corporation allows John Middleton to thrive under its shade, guaranteeing the quality of Black & Mild cigars for the future. Altria, meaning “highest” in Spanish, puts a great amount of care into the quality and success of its products. This means that Black & Mild cigars and its variations and line extensions ought to represent the highest form of non-premium cigar for the money.

Just as Phillip Morris designed its cigarettes to have the pleasant aroma of cigars, the concept for Black & Mild cigars was born first from the consumer desire to enjoy the unique taste of Cavendish pipe tobacco without the hassle of attuning a pipe, packing the bowl, and the messy cleaning process afterwards. Cavendish is not a plant or tobacco varietal. It was named after British explorer Sir Thomas Cavendish who preferred smoking a blend of Virginia and Burley tobaccos which was put through a specific curing process and cutting method. After their curing process, Cavendish tobaccos are steamed, usually with sugars or flavoring in the water, to infuse the tobacco with moisture and a subtle sweetness. Following steaming, the tobacco is stored under pressure for an additional curing period. Pressing can last from a few days to several weeks and flavorings and/or casing can be added at any stage throughout the process. The color and flavor of the Cavendish varies between natural and black, depending on what flavoring is added and how vigorous the pressing.

Black & Mild original
Black & Mild Original

Black & Mild Cigars

Black & Mild is most notable for its sweet-smelling smoke, which is where the brand’s slogan “Tastes great! Smells great!” comes from. The tobaccos used for the blend in Black & Mild come from Virginia, Kentucky, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. Black & Mild are unique for selling their cigars with 4 different tip options: plastic, wood, untipped, and filter-tipped. Furthermore, Black & Mild cigars come with a sugar, vanilla, or wine flavor infusion. Black & Mild cigars are small and require less than an hour to smoke. Indeed, some enjoyers of Black & Mild cigars smoke several a day. For that reason, many retailers sell them in cases of fifty!

Recently, Luis Martinez brought Black & Mild into our inventory. Currently, we offer the Original, Select, and Wine flavors in the plastic tip. The flavors are sold in 10/5 packs for a total of 50 cigars. The Original Black & Mild is made from a special blend of Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos grown in Pennsylvania. This cigar gives the smokers an alternative to the pipe. It still offers the pleasant, strong flavor typically associated with it. The Black & Mild Wine features the same combination of Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos as the Original, but with a sweet taste of red wine added to create a unique flavor profile. The Black & Mild Select cigar is a sweet, smooth smoke with a slightly fruity aftertaste. These cigars represent phenomenal value for someone who truly enjoys Black & Mild cigars.

Luis Martinez cigars claims an excellence and guarantee of value which stretches back over a century to the finest cigar factories in Tampa, Key West, and New York. This tradition pairs well with the promises and heritage of John Middleton Co. and Philip Morris. Luis Martinez is proud to sell Black & Mild cigars as these cigars are paragons of excellence and value. Indeed, Black & Mild cigars are some of the best sellers on the Luis Martinez online website. Before dismissing Black & Mild cigars as gas station cigars, try some for yourself. The inexpensive price-point of these cigars certainly warrants it.

West Tampa Tobacco Co. Red Toro Review and Overview

west tampa red

Launched about a year ago in May of 2022, West Tampa Tobacco Co. surged onto the premium cigar scene with dizzying success. Conceptualized as the spiritual successor to Tampa’s historic West Tampa cigar industry, West Tampa Tobacco Co. recaptures the romance and grandeur of Tampa’s Havana Clear cigars with some of the finest aged tobaccos from Ecuador and Nicaragua. Although limited in line and selection, the company operates as a boutique manufacturer. Indeed, West Tampa Tobacco Co.’s Rick Rodriguez deliberately stays true to the roots of mom-and-pop cigar manufacturing by Cuban immigrants instead of the sprawling industrial complexes of modern factories.

              Rick Rodriguez began his tenure in the cigar industry in 2000 with General Cigar Co. Rodriguez mastered the art of blending fine cigars thanks to the tutelage of Edgar Cullman, Sr., Benji Menendez, Daniel Nuñez and Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. From 2009 to 2022, Rodriguez worked as the master blender and brand ambassador of CAO. Rodriguez became a rockstar in the cigar world, blending classic cigars like the CAO Flathead or Pilon. Dissatisfied with the corporate culture of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, Rodriguez struck out on his own with the assistance of fellow Gus Martinez. Martinez and Rodriguez now operate West Tampa Tobacco Co. as a powerhouse of the boutique cigar scene.

              In June 2022, West Tampa Tobacco Co. launched its two pioneer lines: White and Black Series. The White Series, an Ecuadorian Rosado, ascended to critical success in the sizes of robusto (5×50), toro (6×52), and gigante (6×60). The cigar is a smooth to medium bodied cigar with the rich sweetness of the Ecuadorian wrapper complimented nicely by the spice of the Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. The Black Series is, of course, the full-bodied brother of the White Series. Launched in the same sizes, the Black Series differs with a rich and aromatic Ecuadorian Habano fermented to a notably dark shade. These cigars burn nicely with pronounced spice and a certain woody smoke flavor. Starting off on the right foot, Rodriguez maintained the offensive with new cigar lines in the coming months.

              The West Tampa Tobacco Co. storyline and blending style draws extensively from the traditions of Tampa’s cigar industry. In Rodriguez’s own family, there were Tampa cigarmakers:

“The seed for West Tampa Tobacco Company was planted in 1953, when Rick Rodriguez’s grandparents, both highly respected master cigar rollers, heeded the call of the U.S. They left behind the glamour of Havana for U.S. shores, seeking to capitalize on the booming cigar business of West Tampa, Florida.

Their love of tobacco skipped a generation, gathering momentum when it was awakened in their beloved grandson Rick. Growing up in West Tampa, in the shadow of the once-bustling cigar factories, taught Rick the value of hard work and instilled in him grit and determination.

His grandparent’s stories of Havana and Cuban cigars in their heyday were never far from Rick’s mind. So, when the opportunity to work in the cigar business knocked, Rick was quick to answer. He soon found himself studying at the right hand of industry legends, most notably Benji Menendez who freely transferred his knowledge to Rick. Decades later, Rick has been recognized as a cigar master in his own right.”

If his grandparents were his inspiration, it makes sense that his next line would debut as the Attic Series. Drawing from the deepest recesses of his soul and mental archives, the Attic Series is a rich and full-bodied Mexican San Andreas wrapper cigar with a spicy-sweet blend of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. Drawn from the attic of his mind, this cigar is the blend Rodriguez always desired but felt his obligations at CAO would never allow such experimentation. Perhaps this is a cigar, too, that Rodriguez’s grandparents conceptualized in the dusty attic of their West Tampa home.

              Capitalizing off the popularity of the Attic Series and Mexican San Andreas wrapper in general, Rodriguez now launches the West Tampa Red Series. The Red Series is another gem in the Rodriguez diadem. Rich and full-bodied, this cigar captures the essence of Nicaragua. The Red Series uses the exact same wrapper as the Attic Series but with a different blend of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos. To compliment the spice of the fuller tobacco, the smoky cocoa flavor of the San Andreas wrapper gives the cigar smoker the best cigar yet recovered from the mind of Rodriguez. Rodriguez spoke of the cigar in his own words:

“West Tampa Red gave me the opportunity to sit down with the factory and really focus on creating a blend that I enjoy. Normally when I blend cigars, I don’t blend for what I like, I blend cigars for what my fans enjoy. Red will be a reflection of what I believe is the next piece to lay in the West Tampa puzzle, a full-bodied cigar that delivers the full flavor consumers have come to enjoy from West Tampa.”
West Tampa Red cigar

This cigar is handmade from the finest aged tobaccos at the Garmendia Cigars Co. factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. These cigars will ship as boxes of twenty sometime in May. Cigar smokers may expect them in late May or early June. In a press release from West Tampa Tobacco Co. the cigar sizing was listed as follows:

These cigars are available for order at

West Tampa Tobacco Co. Red Review:

This is a truly enjoyable cigar. From the first puff down to the roach, the cigar is bursting with flavorful streams of smoke. The primary palate of flavors of the cigar contains anise, cardamom, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, ginger, molasses, and white pepper. The cigar does build in intensity towards the final third of the cigar but never diminishes in enjoyability. Even when the final third is punctuated by tar and heat, the overwhelmingly phenomenal flavor of the cigar shines through. The quality of Rodriguez’s debuts continues to build as the company matures. The cigar requires a good toasting but once lit it never struggled to burn consistently. Cigar smokers typically dissuaded by a full-bodied cigar should not hesitate to pick up a box of the Red Series once available.

PDR Cigars Cafe 1878 Dark Roast Toro Review

PDR Maduro Open Box

The Best Kept Secret of Tamboril

PDR Cigars (formerly known as Pinar Del Rio Cigars under Don Leoncio Cigars) is a boutique cigar manufacturer based out of Tamboril near Santiago in the Dominican Republic. For the last ten years, PDR has risen to prominence amongst cigar industrialists and aficionados for its consistently well-constructed brands, such as the A. Flores 1975 or the PDR 1878, as well as dozens of phenomenal contract cigars, such as Gurkha and La Palina. In 2013 and 2014, PDR won awards in the Robb Report and Cigar Aficionado for having some of the best cigars in the world. Despite being a smaller manufacturer in the world of Dominican giants, PDR punches well above its weight class thanks to the leadership and vision of Abe Flores, the company’s president and master blender. As the company website suggests, PDR is the industry’s best kept secret.

This halcyon period of PDR’s manufacturing history is especially surprising given the youth of the company and the comparatively large number of hurdles Abe Flores has overcome. Founded in 2004, Flores borders on being a millennial and likely is still known as a “kid” in the cigar industry. Indeed, Flores got his foot in the door as a graphic designer for cigar retail websites during the dot-com bubble and cigar boom in 1990’s. Nevertheless, Flores has proven a superior disciple of the industry. Taking guidance from Tabacalera Palma’s master blender Jochy Blanco and his own grandfather, a tobacco farmer who lived in the mountains of Bonao in the Dominican Republic, Flores is a highly respected cigar manufacturer. Producing fewer than ten million cigars a year, Flores’s operation allows him to have greater control over the quality of his cigars. This results in phenomenal boutique cigars known for good construction, good draw (thanks to a strict entubado standard for filler bunching), and phenomenal bouquet.

Salad Days with Aged Tobacco

PDR 1878, named after the founding of the Cuban province Pinar del Rio in 1878, was Flores’s first critical success. Released in 2009, PDR 1878 moved so quickly the boutique factory scaled up to a new 40,000 ft^2 facility to accommodate more rollers. The cigar was a blend of aged Cuban-seed tobaccos (e.g., Criollo-1998 or Piloto Cubano) grown in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The wrapper leaf for the PDR 1878 is a carefully selected Connecticut Shade, Ecuadorian Habano, Mexican San Andreas, or Brazilian Arapiraca capa. Of these cigars, the Brazilian Arapiraca or Capa Madura would go on to inspire one of the most successful line extensions in the boutique cigar world: PDR 1878 Café.

The PDR 1878 Café Dark Roast is a line extension of Abe Flores’s PDR 1878 cigar brand of Dominican handmade, long-filler cigars. The cigar features a Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, similar to the original PDR 1878. However, the café’s wrapper is naturally sweetened with cane sugar to give the cigar a more pleasant aroma for cigar aficionados unaccustomed to the heavier bouquet of Arapiraca. The sweetened tip and natural coffee flavor infusion gives the aficionado an amazing smoking experience from end to end. This cigar represents a bridge for a nascent aficionado seeking to move from infused or smoother shade wrapper cigars to fuller-bodied cigars while remaining in the realm of the boutique where construction and consistency have a greater sense of urgency compared to larger-scale manufacturers. Three cigars in the toro vitola, 6×52, were smoked for the sake of this review. None of the cigars smoked for this review had any draw or burn rate issues.

From the Aging Room to the Coffee Shop

At a glance, the cigar holds great promise. The wrapper is a beautiful chocolate-brown hue with faint veins and a nicely formed pig-tail cap which can be cut or peeled off. The aroma of the cigar pre-lighting smells very strongly of dark chocolate, dark fruit, and espresso coffee. Upon touching the wrapper to your lips, the aficionado is met with the grassy taste of the tobacco married with the sugary flavor of the sweetened tip. The cold draw of the cigar conjures forth the cash crops and botanicals of Latin America: chocolate, tobacco, sugar cane, coffee, vanilla, and tamarind. This is a very rich and aromatic cigar. The cigar aficionado should take care to taste the first few puffs of the cigar as the PDM 1878 Café has an untrimmed foot, allowing the aficionado to taste the wrapper exclusively. The cigar lights evenly and takes a few puffs to toast and begin burning in earnest.

The first third of the cigar retains the rich bouquet of chocolate and sweetened coffee evident in the cold draw. However, the saliva of the cigar aficionado neutralizes the sweetened tip of the cigar as it burns towards the second and final thirds of the cigar. The flavor, as a result, transforms into something akin to the original PDR 1878, albeit with a smoother bouquet and a more palatable retrohale. The Café, then, is not an infused cigar in the sense that the infusion comes first and totally smothers the tobacco. Instead, it brings forth the best elements of that rich blend of Brazilian, Dominican, and Nicaraguan tobaccos and marries them to the flavor of café con leche while smoothing out the sharper edges inherent in the Nicaraguan terroir. Furthermore, the cigar is available on in boxes of twenty or as part of a five cigar sampler pack.

Arturo Fuente Especiale Cazadores Natural

Fuente Especiale Ca

Arturo Fuente’s Premium Value

Arturo Fuente is one of the reigning families of the premium cigar industry and, without a doubt, the most prestigious cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic by virtue of its rare super premium cigars, such as the OpusX or the Anejo, as well as its commonplace premium cigars, such as the Gran Reserva line or the Especiales. The Especiales are a line of mixed-filler (“Cuban sandwich” style) cigars from Arturo Fuente’s Tabacalera Factory in the Dominican Republic. The line features three sizes in a natural Ecuadorian Habano seed wrapper: a Conquistador (Double Robusto, 5.5×56), an Emperador (Churchill, 7×52), and a Cazador (6×50). Finding their roots in the Cuban communities of Ybor City and West Tampa in the early 1900’s, Fuente borrows a complex blend of the Tampa philosophy regarding cigar sizes and marketing. One such case of this philosophy is seen in the Cazador, its size sharing more in common with the old school Tampa Cazadores (resembling Toros or Soberanos) and less with a traditional Cuban Cazadores (5.75-6.25×42-46). Regardless, the cigar represents exceptional flavor and aroma, taking the smoker back to Tampa’s golden age as the cigar city of the world. A true cigar aficionado would be remiss not to purchase a box to enjoy with friends or as an everyday smoke. The box comes with 30 cigars and sells for a mere $121.37!

Beginning in 1886 with the manufacturing of the first cigars by Messrs. Ybor and Haya, Tampa became a global powerhouse for cigar manufacturing which continued through the founding of Arturo Fuente’s cigar company in 1912 and the Cuban Embargo in 1962. However, most Tampa cigars made during the golden age from 1886 to 1962 were made from Cuban tobaccos. After the dreaded embargo began, however, Tampa manufacturers changed to other varietals of cigar tobacco. Tobacco from the Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Puerto Rica, Cameroun, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Honduras became commonplace. Eventually, the allure of inexpensive labor and tobacco drew cigar manufacturers to relocate their operations from Tampa to countries where tobacco was cultivated in Latin America. Of those countries, the Dominican Republic became a cigar manufacturing colossus and the spiritual successor to Tampa.

Birthplace of a Dream

In 1980, Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. relocated its manufacturing from Tampa to the Dominican Republic and began an evolutionary process. Ecuador, while lacking the cigar manufacturing of the Dominican Republic, became the world’s preeminent tobacco wrapper grower. This is the context in which Arturo Fuente cigar company emerged as the world’s finest cigar manufacturer. Another relocated Tampa company, Oliva Tobacco Company, owns one of the largest wrapper farms in Ecuador and supplies the wrapper for the Fuente Especiales.

A couple of caveats to set the mood: (1) the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper on the ~$4.50 Cazadores is from the same farm and crop as the wrapper on a $12-25 handmade cigar and (2) the Dominican filler tobaccos for the Cazadores are a blend of aged filler tobaccos set aside for the Especiales and the scrap tobacco from premium handmade cigars, such as the Don Carlos or the Rare Pinks. This means the smoker enjoys the same flavors and aromas in the Cazadores as a cigar four times its price in retail value! This returns to the core tenets of the Fuente-Tampa philosophy: every cigar you sell should be as good as the best cigar you make, regardless of consumer base or price point. In any case, the wrapper has an attractive coffee-brown color with a slight oily sheen. The status of its relegation to mixed filler cigar is evident only in a few bumps and variegated veins. It bears a strong hay aroma from the short filler blend which is counterbalanced by the floral notes of the relatively young tobacco used for the wrapper and binder.

Light Up and Let Up with a Tampa Cigar

The cigar lights evenly and burns consistently with little evidence of canoeing or tunneling. The cigar smokes for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The initial tasting notes found in the foot aroma and cold draw (barnyard hay, vanilla, grasses, and cinnamon) are joined by a more complex symphony of chocolate, cardamom, toasted wheat, and pepper. The cigar did not build in intensity but maintained its balance with the motif of tasting notes found during the second and final third segments of the cigar. Mixed-filler cigars tend to take a slight hit in the overall construction and quality of the cigar. However, any minor blockage or burn rate issues are negligible in the consistent flavor and value of Arturo Fuente’s Dominican handmade cigars. This is not a cigar you want to sleep on as far as adding it to your humidor collection. It encapsulates the romantic and sensual environment of a summer evening in Tampa, Florida during the 1940’s. The smoker imagines oneself playing dominoes and drinking Cuban coffee with the old man Arturo Fuente while smoking this cigar.

Cigar Humidors 101: What is a Cigar Humidor?


Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded. A cigar humidor is a small chamber that can keep your cigars at the ideal level of moistness. This means they won’t dry out or become overly crisp as they age, allowing you to enjoy smoking them for many years to come!

What is a cigar humidor?

Cigar humidors are small chambers that can keep your cigars at the ideal level of moistness. It’s important to remember, however, that it doesn’t matter where you store your cigars—it’s how you store them. A good cigar humidor uses a variety of methods to ensure that humidity is kept at an appropriate level, whether it be by using distilled water or some other mechanism for regulating moisture levels inside the box. This way, even if you have a small collection of smokes and don’t want to invest in an entire cabinet (which can be quite expensive), having a small humidor will do the trick!

How long do cigars last in a humidor?

Cigars that are stored properly can last for years. However, cigars that are not stored properly can lose their flavor and become stale within days. Cigars should be stored in a dark, cool place with an ideal humidity.

Cigar humidors come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: to keep your cigars at the ideal humidity level of 65-70% so you can enjoy them for as long as possible! You should also store your cigars in an airtight container because air helps them dry out over time – keeping them sealed will ensure that they stay fresh longer. 

How To Choose The Best Cigar Humidor

To choose the best cigar humidor, you should look for one that is large enough to hold your collection but not so big that it takes up too much space. You should also look for a humidor with a Spanish cedar lining and a hygrometer and humidifier combination. In addition to these features, make sure that the lid of your chosen cigar humidor fits tightly and securely before purchasing it.

Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded.

Cigars are a luxury item. They are meant to be savored, and enjoyed with friends and family for years. Cigars aren’t like cigarettes, which can be smoked and then discarded.

While cigars do take some time and patience to enjoy compared to other types of tobacco products (smokeless or chew), that doesn’t mean that you need an elaborate humidor to keep them fresh and tasty! In fact, many cigar enthusiasts prefer the simplicity of a desktop humidor as opposed to larger cabinet models—and we’ll explain why in just a moment!

It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter where you store your cigars, but rather how you store them.

While it is true that the best cigar humidors are made by hand, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a hand-made humidor in order to keep your cigars fresh. In fact, there are plenty of great affordable models available that do an excellent job at maintaining optimal humidity levels for your cigars.

Remember: it’s not where you store your cigars that matters; it’s how you store them. If you’re looking for a place where you can keep all of your precious stogies safe and sound while they age gracefully over time, look no further than our selection 

Sometimes, when cigars have not been stored properly, they will have a musty smell to them.

The cigar will possibly be ruined if it has a musty smell. This is actually very common with cigars that are too moist or too dry.

If your cigars do not have any signs of mold and still smell musty then it means that they were stored incorrectly either in high humidity or low humidity conditions.

Cigar humidors are the best way to ensure that your cigars are always at their peak.

Cigar humidors come in many different shapes and sizes, but at the heart of each one is a simple core principle: to keep your cigars at their peak by maintaining the right temperature and humidity.

If you’re serious about your cigar collection, then investing in a humidor is essential. Not only will it keep your cigars fresh and ready to smoke, but it will also be an attractive addition to any room!

Shop LM Cigars Humidors

This is a very important topic, so we hope we’ve covered everything you need to know about cigar humidors. If anyone has any additional questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section! We’re always happy to hear from our readers.LM Cigars offers a wide variety of cigar humidors that are affordable and high quality. They have a large selection of different styles, sizes and colors to fit any budget or preference.

Cigar Basics 101: What You Need To Know About Cigars

basic cigar

Cigars are a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy the company of friends or family. However, for many people who just started smoking cigars and might be new to this hobby, there is a lot of information that can get quite overwhelming and confusing. This article will help clarify some common questions about cigars so you can start enjoying them more!

What is the history behind cigars?

There’s a lot of history behind cigars, but it all started in Cuba. Cigars were first made in Cuba back in the 1500s, when Christopher Columbus brought tobacco seeds from Cuba to the New World. They became popular as medicine and were used during the American Revolutionary War as an alternative to smoking pipes or chewing tobacco.

During this time period, cigar smoking was associated with both men and women of all classes; however, it wasn’t until later on that men began smoking them exclusively because they didn’t want women getting involved with what they considered a masculine hobby. The popularity of cigars continued to grow throughout this era and eventually spread across America—but not before making its way through Europe first!

Types of Cigars – Cigar Shapes & Sizes


A classic parejo is your basic cigar shape, although it may feel more Cuban than Dominican. It’s a long and thin cigar (typically between 6-8 inches long and 42 gauge), with a rounded head and a tapered foot. It’s a great option for those just getting into cigar smoking. 


The corona is kind of like the parejo’s more glamorous sister. It’s the same length as a parejo (usually around 6-8 inches), but it’s significantly fatter (typically in the 46-48 gauge range). The most significant difference between a parejo and a corona is the shape of the head. 


The coronado is a very unique cigar shape. It has a wide foot, a very large head, and a narrow middle section. This unique shape makes it stand out from the crowd, as it’s more of an exotic and rare shape.


The belicoso may be the fanciest of all the cigar shapes. It’s shorter than a parejo and a corona, but it’s significantly fatter than a standard coronado. Like the coronado, it has a very large head and a very narrow middle. 


The lonsdale is a very long and thin cigar. It’s 6-7 inches long and around two inches wide. It’s similar to a parejo in shape, but it’s significantly longer and skinnier. 


The panetela is a very short cigar, which is why it feels almost like a miniature or miniature cigar. It’s usually between 3-4 inches long and 40-42 gauge. The panetela is a very unique shape that’s not as common as the other cigar shapes. 


The pyramid is the weirdest and most interesting of all cigar shapes. It’s a short cigar with a very large head. The foot of the pyramid is very narrow and pointed, and it gradually widens as you go up the length of the cigar. 

Some cigars are made with a different wrapper. For example, Cuban cigars are generally wrapped in a shade-grown leaf from Cuba that gives them their distinctive flavor. Other types of wrappers include Connecticut Shade and Cameroon.

There are also some cigars that have unique blends of tobacco or even a different size than traditional ones. These can be great for beginners to try as they help introduce you to new tastes and sensations!

How To Choose The Right Cigar For You

The first step to choosing the right cigar for you is to determine what kind of experience you are looking for. After all, it’s not as simple as picking out a brand and sticking with it. A good cigar will depend on your preferences, what you plan on doing with it and where you plan on smoking it. Here are some things to consider:


If you enjoy lighter smokes that have subtle flavors like nuts or cream, then choosing one from Davidoff’s Signature Series would be a good bet. However, if dark chocolate and espresso are more up your alley then Tatuaje Pudgy Monster Petite might be right up your alley!

Overall Smoking Experience 

If this is going to be an everyday smoke or something special that will only happen once in a while then having an excellent construction is essential! It doesn’t matter how great the flavor is if it’s going to fall apart after 10 minutes of smoking because there isn’t enough filler inside… That being said; we recommend staying away from anything pressed too tightly (like machine made) because they tend not work well over time due to their lack of taper in comparison with traditional rolling methods(manual).

Cigar Etiquette Tips

Cigars are a social experience, so you should be careful not to offend your fellow cigar smokers.

Never smoke a cigar when it is too hot or too cold. This will ruin the flavor and burn of your cigar, making it unpleasant for all parties involved.

Cut Your Cigar Correctly: Cutting your cigar correctly is important for a pleasant smoking experience. If you cut too much off the end of your cigar, you could negatively affect how it burns during use. 

Conversely, if there is not enough material left on the head/foot of your lit stick after lighting up, then air flow into its chamber may be restricted as well. 

After this point has passed then remove all ash content off both ends using either one hand or two depending on preference though always ensure safety first before beginning any activity involving fire hazards such as these which should always take precedence over other activities requiring less caution than normal due to inherent risks involved when handling matches/lighters/torches etcetera.”

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Whether you’re looking for a premium, handmade cigar or just a good, old fashioned smoke, you’ll find everything you need right here at LM Cigars. We have a wide selection of cigars and tobacco accessories, and we only carry the finest brands. Plus,all of our products are sold at affordable prices so you get more for less.We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. We are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us!