What Are Honey Dutches?

Honey Dutches, specifically Dutch Masters Honey Fusion cigarillos, are among the most popular choices for cigar enthusiasts seeking a sweet and mellow smoking experience.

This blog post delves into everything you need to know about these distinctive cigars, including their unique fusion of flavors, natural leaf wrappers, and why they offer unparalleled experiences.

Introduction to Dutch Masters

Dutch Masters is a renowned brand in the world of cigars, known for its quality and distinctive tobacco blends. With a history dating back to the early 20th century, Dutch Masters has consistently delivered exceptional products that cater to both novice and seasoned smokers.

What is Honey Fusion?

The term “honey fusion” refers to the unique blend of honeyed flavors infused into the tobacco of these cigarillos. This fusion creates a sweet and smooth smoking experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying.

The Popularity of Honey Dutches

Honey Dutches have gained immense popularity due to their sweet and honeyed flavors, which appeal to a wide range of smokers. The combination of a natural leaf wrapper and a mellow smoke makes these cigarillos a favorite among many.

Travis Kelce’s Endorsement

Adding to their appeal, Travis Kelce, the famous NFL player, has been seen with Dutch Masters Honey Fusion cigarillos. His endorsement highlights the widespread admiration and love for these cigarillos.

Natural Leaf Wrapper

One of the key features of Honey Dutches is their natural leaf wrapper. This beautiful natural tobacco leaf enhances the flavor and provides a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience.

Sweet and Honeyed Flavors

The sweet and honeyed flavors of Dutch Masters Honey Fusion cigarillos set them apart from other brands. These flavors are perfectly balanced to deliver a satisfying smoke.

Distinctive Tobacco Blends

Dutch Masters is known for its distinctive tobacco blends, and the Honey Fusion cigarillos are no exception. The blend of high-quality tobacco with sweet honey notes creates a unique fusion that smokers love.

Image suggestion: A variety of Dutch Masters cigarillos laid out to showcase different blends.

Dutch Cigarillos and Their Appeal

Dutch cigarillos, including the Honey Fusion variety, offer a convenient and enjoyable smoking experience. Their smaller size and ring gauge make them easy to smoke, whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or a beginner.

The Role of Homogenized Wrapper Leaves

In addition to the natural leaf wrappers, some Honey Dutches use homogenized wrapper leaves. These leaves help maintain consistency and quality in every cigarillo, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoke each time.

More Than Just a Smoke

Honey Dutches are more than just a cigarillo; they offer an experience. The combination of sweet flavors, smooth smoke, and high-quality tobacco makes them a treat for any smoker.

Image suggestion: A close-up of the cigarillo’s length and wrapper texture.

Understanding Cigarillo Strength

When selecting a cigarillo, understanding its strength is crucial. Honey Dutches are known for their mild to medium strength, making them perfect for those who prefer a smoother smoking experience.

Reviews and Feedback

Reviews of Dutch Masters Honey Fusion cigarillos are overwhelmingly positive. Smokers often praise their sweet flavor, smooth smoke, and high-quality construction.

The Perfect Companion

Honey Dutches pair well with various beverages, but coffee is a popular choice. The combination of coffee and the honeyed flavors of the cigarillos creates a delightful experience.

Buying Honey Dutches

Finding and buying Honey Dutches is easy. They are available at most tobacco retailers and online stores. Make sure to select a reputable seller to ensure you get genuine Dutch Masters products.

Conclusion: Why You Should Try Honey Dutches

In conclusion, Dutch Masters Honey Fusion cigarillos offer unparalleled experiences with their sweet and honeyed flavors, natural leaf wrappers, and distinctive tobacco blends. Whether you’re new to smoking or a seasoned veteran, Honey Dutches are a great choice for a smooth, enjoyable smoke.

By choosing Honey Dutches, you’re not just buying a cigarillo; you’re investing in a quality smoking experience that you’ll love to share with friends and family. So, next time you’re looking for a treat, remember to add Honey Dutches to your cart.

Top 11 Mild Cigars for a Smooth Smoking Experience

Stack of cigars with text that reads Best Mild Cigars

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned smoker looking for something lighter, you’ve come to the right place.

Our list of the Best Mild Cigars offers the perfect blend of smoothness and flavor, ideal for those chill moments when you just want to kick back and relax. We’ve scoured the cigar universe to bring you the creamiest, most enjoyable smokes out there.

Let’s explore together which cigars made our top picks for an unrivaled smooth smoking experience.

  1. Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Natural
    The Arturo Fuente Double Chateau Natural is a testament to the legacy of Arturo Fuente in crafting premium cigars that cater to the palate of both occasional smokers and connoisseurs. This mild cigar is wrapped in a beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper, contributing to a creamy, smooth smoke that is consistently satisfying. With a flavor profile that hints at cedar and a subtle spice, it provides an even burn that makes it a go-to choice for a relaxing smoking experience. Ideal for those who appreciate a milder cigar that doesn’t sacrifice depth or aroma.

Diamond Crown Classic #4
Diamond Crown Classic #4 by J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is a stellar example of a medium-bodied cigar that leans towards the milder side, perfect for those who enjoy a luxurious smoking experience without overpowering strength. Wrapped in a silky Connecticut shade wrapper, it offers a creamy, smooth texture that delights the taste buds. The blend includes Dominican long fillers that add a hint of complexity and sweetness, making it a balanced choice for a leisurely afternoon on the golf course or a quiet evening at home.

La Unica No. 600
La Unica No. 600 stands out as a wonderfully balanced medium-bodied cigar. Encased in a Dominican wrapper, it provides a mellow yet flavorful smoking journey, marked by notes of coffee and cream. The smoothness and creamy texture make it particularly appealing to those who prefer their cigars light yet satisfying. It’s a fantastic entry point for newcomers wanting to explore milder cigars without stepping into the realm of full-bodied options.

Montesino Toro
The Montesino Toro by Arturo Fuente offers a distinctive blend of mellow flavors and a gentle, even burn, making it a prime choice for those new to cigars or preferring a lighter smoking session. Its Ecuador Connecticut wrapper envelopes Dominican tobacco, resulting in a mild to medium smoke that’s both smooth and inviting, with just the right touch of spice to keep the palate engaged. This cigar is perfect for a peaceful moment alone or sharing with friends who are also big fans of milder cigars.

Gurkha Real Toro
Gurkha Real Toro is a perfect example of a cigar that marries luxury with accessibility. This mild to medium cigar features an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that smooths out the rich blend of Nicaraguan fillers, offering a creamy, light smoking experience with undertones of nuts and a hint of sweetness. Its balanced flavor profile and creamy smoke make it a favorite among those who enjoy a cigar that’s both flavorful and not too intense.

Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Toro
Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Toro is praised for its unique flavor derived from its growing conditions in a single plot of land, Lot 23. Wrapped in a Connecticut shade wrapper, this cigar provides a creamy, mellow smoke with a delightful blend of coffee and cedar notes. It’s a mild-medium cigar that appeals to both the novice and the seasoned smoker looking for a refined yet unpretentious experience.

Ashton Double Magnum
Ashton Double Magnum is a prime example of a mild cigar done right. Wrapped in a luxurious Connecticut shade wrapper, it delivers a smooth, creamy smoke with a sophisticated blend of Dominican long fillers. The flavor is consistently mild with just enough complexity to keep it interesting, featuring notes of cedar and a creamy finish that can please any smoker’s palate, making it ideal for both special occasions and regular enjoyment.

Cuesta-Rey Centenario #60
For those who favor a touch of tradition in their smoke, the Cuesta-Rey Centenario #60 offers a delightful medium-mild experience. It’s rolled with a Connecticut shade wrapper that enhances its mellow yet flavorful profile, featuring a subtle blend of spices and coffee bean that teases the taste buds without overwhelming. This cigar is particularly enjoyable for its even burn and creamy texture, making each puff a smooth and pleasant experience.

Macanudo Café Prince Philip
Macanudo Café Prince Philip is renowned for its consistently mild flavor and superb construction. The Connecticut shade wrapper ensures a light, creamy smoke, while the blend of Dominican fillers adds a slight hint of spice and sweetness. It’s the epitome of a mellow cigar that provides a smooth smoking experience, perfect for those leisurely days or as a gentle introduction to the world of cigars for new smokers.

Montecristo Classic #2
Montecristo Classic #2 is an icon in the realm of premium mild cigars. It features a Connecticut shade wrapper and a carefully selected blend of Dominican fillers, offering a smooth, mild to medium-bodied smoke that’s rich in flavor yet gentle on the palate. This cigar is celebrated for its impeccable balance and creamy notes, making it a favorite among both new and experienced smokers who seek a refined smoking session.

Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc Toro
Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc Toro is a standout in the mild-medium cigar category, featuring an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that envelops Nicaraguan fillers. This combination produces a smooth, creamy smoke with a delightful complexity, including hints of pepper and sweetness. Its light yet flavorful profile is perfect for those who appreciate a cigar that offers a subtle yet engaging smoking experience without overpowering the palate.

Benefits of Starting with Mild Cigars

For those new to the world of cigars, starting with mild cigars can be an excellent introduction.

Mild cigars, often wrapped in Connecticut shade or Ecuador Connecticut wrappers, offer a lighter, smoother smoking experience that is less overwhelming to the palate.

These cigars typically feature a mellow flavor profile with hints of cedar, cream, and just a bit of spice, making them ideal for those still acclimating their taste buds to tobacco.

Additionally, the lower nicotine content in mild cigars provides a gentler introduction to smoking, making it a more enjoyable experience for occasional smokers or those who prefer a less intense flavor.

Understanding the Appeal of Mild Cigars

Mild cigars are celebrated for their smooth, delicate flavors and are a favorite among both novice smokers and those who enjoy an occasional light smoke.

The appeal of mild cigars lies in their gentle impact on the palate, making them a perfect choice for those who prefer subtlety over intensity. Unlike their medium-bodied or full-bodied counterparts, which may provide robust and complex flavor profiles, mild cigars typically feature wrappers like the Connecticut shade or Ecuador Connecticut, known for adding a creamy texture and a hint of subtle spice to the smoking experience.

Brands like Montecristo White and Arturo Fuente excel in crafting these types of cigars, offering premium options that are both accessible and satisfying.

The mild cigar’s ability to deliver a smooth and even burn without overwhelming the smoker’s taste buds makes it a go-to option for a relaxed smoking session.

How to Identify a Mild Cigar

Identifying a mild cigar is key to tailoring your smoking experience to your tastes and nicotine preferences.

Mild cigars are generally characterized by their lighter-colored wrappers, such as the Connecticut shade or the Ecuador Connecticut.

These cigars often provide a smooth and even burn, emitting flavors that are gentle and inviting to the taste buds—think notes of coffee, cedar, and a mild pepper that lingers subtly in the background. Premium brands like Montecristo White, Arturo Fuente, and Alec Bradley are renowned for their high-quality mild cigars that offer consistency and an enjoyable flavor profile.

When selecting a mild cigar, look for terms like “mellow,” “smooth,” and “creamy,” which are often used to describe their overall flavor experience. Understanding these characteristics can help you choose a cigar that will provide a pleasant, not overpowering, smoking experience.

Pairing Tips: What to Drink with Mild Cigars

The right beverage pairing can greatly enhance the smoking experience of mild cigars by complementing or contrasting their subtle flavor profiles.

For a harmonious pairing, consider light and smooth drinks that can echo the creamy and gentle flavors of the cigar. A well-brewed cup of creamy coffee or a glass of light chardonnay can enhance the notes of cedar and subtle spices typically found in cigars wrapped with a Connecticut shade.

For those who prefer a slight contrast, a light craft beer or a pale ale can introduce a refreshing crispness that balances the sweetness and mellow spices of the cigar.

Experimenting with different pairings can be a delightful way to discover how various flavors interact with each other, turning each smoking session into a uniquely enjoyable experience. The choice of drink, much like the choice of cigar, often boils down to personal preference and the specific nuances of the cigar’s flavor profile.

The Role of Wrapper Leaves in Mild Cigars

The wrapper leaf is crucial in defining both the flavor profile and the overall aesthetic of a cigar.

In mild cigars, Connecticut shade wrappers are particularly prized for their light color and smooth texture, contributing to a cigar’s mild and approachable flavor.

These wrappers are typically grown under shade cloths, which protect the leaves from direct sunlight, resulting in a thinner and more delicate leaf that imparts a subtle creaminess to the smoke.

The Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, on the other hand, offers a slightly richer and more diverse flavor profile while still maintaining the overall mellow character expected of mild cigars.

The choice of wrapper not only affects the taste but also influences the burn quality and aroma of the smoke, playing an essential role in crafting a high-quality cigar. For enthusiasts, understanding the impact of different wrappers can deepen appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each cigar.

Occasions Perfect for Smoking Mild Cigars

Mild cigars are wonderfully versatile, suitable for many social and solitary occasions.

On the golf course, a mild cigar can offer a relaxing respite between holes without overpowering the senses. They are also perfect for celebratory events like weddings or anniversaries, where they can be enjoyed by seasoned smokers and novices alike due to their accessible and pleasing flavor profile.

For a more introspective experience, enjoying a mild cigar on a quiet evening at home can be the perfect way to unwind.

The gentle and smooth flavors are not only a treat for the taste buds but also encourage a moment of calm and relaxation. Mild cigars cater to a wide range of smokers, making them an excellent choice for both regular consumption and special occasions.

How to Store and Preserve Mild Cigars

Proper storage is crucial to maintaining the quality and flavor of mild cigars. The ideal storage environment is a humidor that can keep the cigars at a steady humidity level of about 70% and a temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This controlled environment helps to preserve the moisture in the cigars, preventing them from drying out or becoming overly moist, which can adversely affect both flavor and burn quality. It’s important to ensure that the humidor is not exposed to direct sunlight or drastic temperature changes, as these can cause the tobacco to expand and contract, potentially cracking the wrapper.

For aficionados investing in premium mild cigars, maintaining a proper storage system ensures that each cigar remains fresh, flavorful, and ready to provide a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience whenever you choose to light up.

Expert Tips for Selecting the Right Mild Cigar

Selecting the right mild cigar depends largely on personal preference and the specific smoking experience one is looking for.

Experts recommend starting with well-known brands like Arturo Fuente, Alec Bradley, or Montecristo White, which are known for their quality and consistency.

When choosing a mild cigar, look for terms like “creamy,” “smooth,” and “mellow” on the label, which indicate a gentler flavor profile.

Additionally, opting for a Connecticut shade or Ecuador Connecticut wrapper can enhance the smoothness and add a creamy texture to the smoke.

The Best Times to Enjoy a Mild Cigar

Mild cigars are versatile and can be enjoyed at almost any time of day or during various activities.

They are particularly pleasant as a morning smoke, paired with a cup of coffee to start the day with a soothing routine. Mild cigars are also excellent companions on the golf course, providing a relaxed smoking experience that complements the leisurely pace of the game.

Furthermore, their smooth and unobtrusive flavor makes them suitable for social gatherings, where a lighter cigar can be appreciated by both seasoned aficionados and novice smokers alike.

The Impact of Aging on Mild Cigars

Aging can significantly enhance the flavor and smoothness of mild cigars.

Over time, the tobacco in these cigars can develop richer, more complex flavors while maintaining their inherent mild characteristics.

The aging process allows the subtle spices and cedar notes to meld beautifully, creating a smoother and more rounded flavor profile.

Cigar enthusiasts often find that aged mild cigars, especially those with Dominican long fillers and premium wrappers like the Connecticut shade, offer a refined taste that is both sophisticated and enjoyable.

How to Cut and Light Mild Cigars Properly

Properly cutting and lighting a cigar is crucial to enjoying its full flavor potential.

For mild cigars, using a sharp cutter to make a clean cut is essential to avoid damaging the wrapper. A guillotine cutter is typically recommended for its precision.

When lighting a mild cigar, the goal is to evenly toast the foot of the cigar over a flame without letting it directly touch the fire. This method ensures an even burn and allows the true flavors of the creamy Connecticut shade wrapper and the mellow tobacco blend to shine through from the very first puff.

Common Myths About Smoking Mild Cigars

There are several myths surrounding mild cigars, such as the idea that they are only for novice smokers or lack complexity.

However, mild cigars can offer a rich array of flavors, from creamy coffee to subtle spice, and are enjoyed by both beginners and experienced smokers alike.

Another common misconception is that mild means lacking in flavor, but many premium mild cigars crafted with Ecuador Connecticut wrappers or Dominican fillers are both flavorful and aromatic, providing a satisfying smoke that belies their mild nature.

Comparing Mild Cigars with Medium and Full-Bodied Variants

Mild cigars differ from medium and full-bodied cigars primarily in their flavor intensity and nicotine content.

While mild cigars focus on delivering a smooth, mellow experience with flavors like nuts, cedar, and a light creaminess, medium-bodied cigars introduce a greater level of complexity and spice.

Full-bodied cigars, on the other hand, offer robust flavors and a higher nicotine kick, often featuring bold notes of pepper, dark chocolate, and deep earth.

For those wondering about the best choice for them, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the desire for either a gentle introduction or a more intense flavor journey in their smoking experience.

Nica Reserva Toro Cigar Review

nica reserva blog banner

LM Cigars’ newest and most successful Nicaraguan handmade brand is the Nica Reserva. Manufactured at the highly-praised PENSA cigar factory, home of El Baton and Brick House cigars, Nica Reserva cigars are a great smoke for even greater value. For this review, LM Cigar Blog’s team smoked three Nica Reserva Connecticut Toro cigars in a single afternoon not unlike the quality control engineers at the PENSA cigar factory who smoke a sample of each day’s production to guarantee consistency of flavor and draw.  The consensus was that these Nica Reserva Connecticut Toro cigars are a silky, creamy smoke with a slight nutty taste well worth the price point. These cigars are a fine addition to any true cigar aficionado’s humidor, especially those who enjoy a smooth to medium-bodied Nicaraguan handmade smoke.

Nica Reserva Connecticut Toro

Nica Reserva Connecticut Toros are a traditional Nicaraguan toro (6×54). The thicker ring gauge than traditional Dominican or Honduran 52 ring-gauge toros allows for more Nicaraguan filler. This adds needed spice and nuttiness to the cigar. These premium cigars come in boxes of 20 and each one is as good as the last with superb combustion that will not burn through one’s wallet. Despite being entirely handmade with aged long-filler, LM Cigars prices these cigars at less than their MSRP of $160 to pass the savings on to the consumer.

Nica Reserva Toro Open Box

Visual Appeal

Each cigar in the box is carefully color-sorted to guarantee a uniform, attractive box. Indeed, each cigar is exemplary of visual and physical perfection. The cigars have a golden shade-grown wrapper of natural tobacco leaf, akin to the color of wheat or café au lait. The smell is even more attractive than the cigar’s look. It delicately embraces the senses with tasting notes of honey, peanut, toasted wheat, and cedar.

Upon closer inspection, the Nica Reserva Connecticut Toros are invariably a blonde hue with a flawless cap and good construction. The wrappers have few dimples and minimal spotting. The cigar band is a nice touch. With its striking white and gold filigree, this cigar is sure to attract some attention. A straight cut from a Craftsman’s Bench Double-Blade Cutter to the cigar’s head reveals a cleanly made cap and a bounty of flavorful Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. Remember to always be gentle when straight cutting a cigar. If the cap audibly touches the ground, too much was cut off.

nica reserva toro single cigar horizontal


The taste of hay and peanuts is cemented by the cold draw through the cigar. Tasting notes of baker’s spices, specifically cinnamon or nutmeg, join the harmony of the cigar’s profile. A toasting from a Colibri Firebird Triple Flame Lighter accentuates this profile with a rich, silky smoke which smells of crème brûlée and charred cedar. Connecticut or Ecuadorian Shade wrappers are quite delicate and scorch easily. For maximum enjoyment, slowly toast the foot before lighting the cigar in small circles. Once accomplished, the cigar notably burns easily and consistently with a white, billowy ash. A lighter colored ash is a mark of higher quality tobacco grown in a more nutrified soil.

The initial taste of charred cedar transitions to charred bread and barnyard hay. While the cigar’s first act is enjoyable, the second act is what highlights this cigar. A grand ensemble of peanuts and wood arouses all the senses to an ecstatic fever-pitch while a sweetness like honey keeps the cigar aficionado grounded. Towards the final third, the cigar burns quite hot and returns to the taste of charred cedar and burning hay. The reviewers of LM Cigar Blog found these so enjoyable they smoked them to the bitter end. The average smoking time for each cigar was about an hour and a half. The cigar needed a slight touch-up between the second and third act but had almost no issues burning. There was no need for relight and no frustration from poor construction.

Final Thoughts

This cigar is well worth the price point, reifying the reputation of LM Cigar for curating the world’s finest selection of premium handmade cigars with great value. It can easily hold its own against other premium value Nicaraguan handmade brands, such as the Brick House Double Connecticut from J.C. Newman Cigar Co. (also made in PENSA) or Undercrown Shade from Drew Estate, and in some aspects surpasses. However, a true cigar aficionado would verify this by buying and smoking all three. Thankfully, LM Cigars offers all three brands. Owing to its massive popularity, the Nica Reserva brand will expand in the future. Thank you for reading our Nica Reserva Toro Cigar Review. Make sure to check our LM Cigars catalog to stay abreast of new arrivals.

Arturo Fuente Especiale Cazadores Natural

Fuente Especiale Ca

Arturo Fuente’s Premium Value

Arturo Fuente is one of the reigning families of the premium cigar industry and, without a doubt, the most prestigious cigar manufacturer in the Dominican Republic by virtue of its rare super premium cigars, such as the OpusX or the Anejo, as well as its commonplace premium cigars, such as the Gran Reserva line or the Especiales. The Especiales are a line of mixed-filler (“Cuban sandwich” style) cigars from Arturo Fuente’s Tabacalera Factory in the Dominican Republic. The line features three sizes in a natural Ecuadorian Habano seed wrapper: a Conquistador (Double Robusto, 5.5×56), an Emperador (Churchill, 7×52), and a Cazador (6×50). Finding their roots in the Cuban communities of Ybor City and West Tampa in the early 1900’s, Fuente borrows a complex blend of the Tampa philosophy regarding cigar sizes and marketing. One such case of this philosophy is seen in the Cazador, its size sharing more in common with the old school Tampa Cazadores (resembling Toros or Soberanos) and less with a traditional Cuban Cazadores (5.75-6.25×42-46). Regardless, the cigar represents exceptional flavor and aroma, taking the smoker back to Tampa’s golden age as the cigar city of the world. A true cigar aficionado would be remiss not to purchase a box to enjoy with friends or as an everyday smoke. The box comes with 30 cigars and sells for a mere $121.37!

Beginning in 1886 with the manufacturing of the first cigars by Messrs. Ybor and Haya, Tampa became a global powerhouse for cigar manufacturing which continued through the founding of Arturo Fuente’s cigar company in 1912 and the Cuban Embargo in 1962. However, most Tampa cigars made during the golden age from 1886 to 1962 were made from Cuban tobaccos. After the dreaded embargo began, however, Tampa manufacturers changed to other varietals of cigar tobacco. Tobacco from the Philippines, Java, Sumatra, Puerto Rica, Cameroun, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Honduras became commonplace. Eventually, the allure of inexpensive labor and tobacco drew cigar manufacturers to relocate their operations from Tampa to countries where tobacco was cultivated in Latin America. Of those countries, the Dominican Republic became a cigar manufacturing colossus and the spiritual successor to Tampa.

Birthplace of a Dream

In 1980, Arturo Fuente Cigar Co. relocated its manufacturing from Tampa to the Dominican Republic and began an evolutionary process. Ecuador, while lacking the cigar manufacturing of the Dominican Republic, became the world’s preeminent tobacco wrapper grower. This is the context in which Arturo Fuente cigar company emerged as the world’s finest cigar manufacturer. Another relocated Tampa company, Oliva Tobacco Company, owns one of the largest wrapper farms in Ecuador and supplies the wrapper for the Fuente Especiales.

A couple of caveats to set the mood: (1) the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper on the ~$4.50 Cazadores is from the same farm and crop as the wrapper on a $12-25 handmade cigar and (2) the Dominican filler tobaccos for the Cazadores are a blend of aged filler tobaccos set aside for the Especiales and the scrap tobacco from premium handmade cigars, such as the Don Carlos or the Rare Pinks. This means the smoker enjoys the same flavors and aromas in the Cazadores as a cigar four times its price in retail value! This returns to the core tenets of the Fuente-Tampa philosophy: every cigar you sell should be as good as the best cigar you make, regardless of consumer base or price point. In any case, the wrapper has an attractive coffee-brown color with a slight oily sheen. The status of its relegation to mixed filler cigar is evident only in a few bumps and variegated veins. It bears a strong hay aroma from the short filler blend which is counterbalanced by the floral notes of the relatively young tobacco used for the wrapper and binder.

Light Up and Let Up with a Tampa Cigar

The cigar lights evenly and burns consistently with little evidence of canoeing or tunneling. The cigar smokes for about an hour and fifteen minutes. The initial tasting notes found in the foot aroma and cold draw (barnyard hay, vanilla, grasses, and cinnamon) are joined by a more complex symphony of chocolate, cardamom, toasted wheat, and pepper. The cigar did not build in intensity but maintained its balance with the motif of tasting notes found during the second and final third segments of the cigar. Mixed-filler cigars tend to take a slight hit in the overall construction and quality of the cigar. However, any minor blockage or burn rate issues are negligible in the consistent flavor and value of Arturo Fuente’s Dominican handmade cigars. This is not a cigar you want to sleep on as far as adding it to your humidor collection. It encapsulates the romantic and sensual environment of a summer evening in Tampa, Florida during the 1940’s. The smoker imagines oneself playing dominoes and drinking Cuban coffee with the old man Arturo Fuente while smoking this cigar.

Padron 2000 Natural

Padron 2000 Natural Review

Padron is the most iconic Nicaraguan-based cigar manufacturer available on the consumer market. Hundreds of thousands of Padron cigars are sold annually based on the merit of the Padron family name alone. Padron does not even utilize dedicated sales representatives because of the success of their brands. The cigars literally sell themselves. Everything Padron makes is carefully crafted and masterfully blended, causing even the regular production line cigars, such as the Padron Series or the Damaso, to be as highly praised and successful as their super-premium cigars. For this reason, if you want to get anyone a good cigar, regardless of their experience level or palate, you get them, Padron.

The Padron Series is one of the most widely distributed Padron cigar brands, coming in a huge variety of vitolas. The Padron 2000 is a 5×50 parejo robusto with a Nicaraguan puro blend. The cigar is made with aged, long-filler tobaccos in the Padron factory, Piloto Cigars Inc., located in Esteli, Nicaragua. Padron’s Nicaragua factory is one of the oldest and most illustrious in Esteli, literally breaking ground in 1970. Because of this, Padron’s tobaccos represent the most sophisticated of Nicaraguan blends.

Upon examination, the wrapper is immaculate and bears a rather ashen brown appearance akin to mahogany. The bouquet of the cigar reminds one of bourbon barrel oak as well as nutmeg and ginger. The 2000 begins strongly, bearing tasting notes of earthy sweetness, such as dark chocolate and molasses, with sharp injections of robust flavor, such as black pepper or mole sauce, as it burns down towards the middle of the cigar. The blend grows as it nears the nub, incorporating notes of cardamom, anise, and turmeric into the earthy sweetness. This is one of the best Nicaraguan cigars commercially available. $175.50 for a box of 25 is an unbeatable value and makes the cigar a worthwhile addition to the cigar aficionados collection.