Personalized Labels on Cigars

Personalized labels on cigars are the perfect addition to any event or celebration!

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Personalized Cigars can serve as a gift for relaxation for wedding guests. The cigars can be enjoyed during the cocktail hour or after dinner with drinks. It can be a great activity for those who do not want to partake in dancing, especially the older males. Additionaly, they can be a great party favor for those looking for a unique and special gift that all guests will surely take home. The cigars are a great memento for those who do not prefer to smoke it. It can serve as a memory of a beautiful evening and marriage celebration because it can be preserved for many years to come!

LM Cigars offers a wide variety of popular options that we recommend to beginners to a cigar aficionado. Mild and medium bodied cigars are a certainly a fool-proof option to ensure all can enjoy the gift.

With the endless customization options, you can have the freedom to create your very own label and upload it. Also, you can let our design team take over the reigns and do the hard work for you. You can upload you design, logo, text ideas, and color themes and let our team go to work!

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