Nica Reserva Connecticut Cigars

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The Nica Reserva Connecticut cigar line will surprise you! This smooth to medium-bodied creamy blend offers up a flavorful and rich Nicaraguan taste that cigar fans crave!

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The creamy and flavorful Nica Reserva Connecticut cigar line is a premium cigar brand that is blended with premium aged tobaccos and wrapped in a golden Connecticut wrapper. What makes Nica Reserva stand out, is the incredible quality and craftsmanship in each cigar rolled in Nicaragua. For the price, the Nica Reserva is extremely hard to pass up on, when compared to other premium Nicaraguan cigars. This small batch cigar brand is handcrafted at the legendary J.C. Newman PENSA cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua. From the same skilled cigar rollers that make the popular Brick House, Perla Del Mar, and El Baton cigar brands. The Nica Reserva Connecticut features a premium grade Connecticut shade wrapper from Ecuador and premium aged binder and fillers from Nicaragua. A must-try, smooth to medium-bodied Nicaraguan like no other!