Don Seville Cigars

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Don Seville cigars are handmade in Nicaragua and feature aged tobaccos for a flavorful experience. The Don Seville cigar brand is a must-try value priced winner!

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Don Seville Cigars-

The Don Seville cigar is a Nicaraguan Handmade that marks the dawn of a new era of affordable, imported cigar smoking satisfaction. You can now enjoy fine imported handmade cigars for about the same price as you would pay for domestic cigars. What separates Don Seville from other value priced brands, is the quality and consistency in each cigar.

Imported from Nicaragua, every Don Seville cigar is 100% hand-crafted from aged, all-natural tobacco. What also makes them unique is they are packaged four cigars to each pack, for a total of 20 cigars. This style packaging format makes Don Seville perfect for on the go.

The final process was blending with select Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos that created a superb, unique taste found in expensive imported cigars, without the hefty price tag.

Don Seville cigars were crafted for the smoker who thought he or she couldn’t afford a quality, imported handmade cigar. They have a rich and smooth taste to them with a subtle spice, giving the Don Seville Valencia a medium bodied profile. You will be surprised at the value of this Nicaraguan cigar from start to finish! Take advantage of the savings with this value priced Nicaraguan blend in Don Seville!


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