La Unica No. 300 Maduro

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The original hand selected and perfectly aged blend of tobaccos that make La Unica No. 300 Maduro a must-try and future favorite.

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More than twenty years ago J.C. Newman Cigar Company patriarch Stanford J. Newman, challenged his good friend Carlos Fuente, Sr. with an idea that had never been tried in the cigar industry to develop a rich, flavorful, superb-tasting premium cigar and package it in an inexpensive cellophane bundle. Until that time, factories only packaged their seconds in bundles. Today La Unica No. 300 Maduro cigars, with the original 1986 blend and smooth rich flavor, preserves the history of the brand. These superb cigars have now grown up from their bundle days and are elegantly packaged in custom cedar cabinets of 20. Despite the maturity of the packaging, we have not strayed from our roots and the original hand selected, perfectly aged blend of tobaccos that make La Unica a favorite.

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