La Palina KB Series Cigars

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Lookout for the Kill Bill Series by La Palina! This full-bodied cigar is loaded with hearty flavors and bold from start to finish. A perfect combination of premium aged tobaccos that are rich in taste.

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The La Palina KB “Kill Bill” Series of cigars come jam packed with flavors that are stronger than most cigars 5 times its size. This impressive blend comes wrapped in the distinctive reddish-brown hue of a Honduran Rosado wrapper, then packed full of Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo long filler Leaves. Your taste buds will explode with a perfectly mixed and balanced blend of sweet and spicy flavors such as mocha, apple, nut, and leather. While many have tried to create this perfect balance, most have failed, yet the La Palina KB “Kill Bill” Series has seemed to meet any enthusiasts biggest wish – A dependable, high-end, premium choice cigar, that meets every requirement and more, leading to an exceptional “everyday” smoking experience.