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The boutique Kristoff Cigar brand has been making big waves in the cigar world. Each blend uses premium aged tobaccos and rolled by an experienced cigar team in the Dominican Republic.

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Established in 2004 by Glen Case, Kristoff Cigars is Internationally known for producing some of the finest cigars in the industry!  Kristoff’s focus is on quality, consistency, and availability.  Kristoff uses only the highest quality double and triple fermented premium tobaccos from around the world, which are artfully blended to satisfy the palate of the most discriminating cigar aficionado.

Kristoff cigars are made using a centuries old bunching technique called “entubar”.  This skillful bunching method creates a more firmly packed cigar which allows air to travel between all the leaves, carrying more aromatics and flavor to the palate.  Every cigar is then individually draw tested to ensure a well-constructed cigar that delivers a perfect draw every time!