Giacomo’s Cigars

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Giacomo Cigars are rolled in Nicaragua and perfect example of a small-batch boutique cigar brand. Each blend uses premium aged tobaccos and crafted by experienced rollers.

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“In 2011 I wanted to honor my mom in a special way. A premium cigar in honor of her hard work and passion for rolling cigars in Tampa. I would blend a cigar that would be reminiscent of that unforgettable aroma I first experienced in the mid 1940s. I solicited the help of my friend John Oliva, owner of Oliva Tobacco Company to help me. I explained to John that the cigar had to have that “Cubanesque” aroma and be well constructed. The taste should speak to me in different tones, the retrohale had to be pleasant and inviting. Production had to be consistent, the ash had to be long and dark. Yes I wanted everything in a cigar possible, after all it was for mom. For two years John and I worked together to come up with a cigar that met my criteria. It came about from gratitude, love and respect for my ancestry from whom I learned to also be loving and respectful. Hopefully you will recognize in my cigars the love and passion I have for achieving excellence. Enjoy your favorite Giacomo cigar! More importantly, relish it with your family and friends.”
Giacomo “Jack” Guggino, M.D.