Factory Throwouts No. 49 Sweet

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Factory Throwouts No. 49 Sweet cigars by the J.C. Newman Cigar Company are quality smooth to medium-bodied smokes that sell for a great, low price.

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Factory Throwouts No. 49 Sweet cigars are quality smooth to medium-bodied smokes that sell for a great, low price. Made with aged filler tobaccos, No. 49’s complex flavors come from quality, aged and cured tobacco combined with a luscious, sun grown Ecuadorian wrapper to create a cigar that generates a solid, satisfying, and smooth to medium-bodied smoke. These are quality smokes for an awesome price.

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9 reviews for Factory Throwouts No. 49 Sweet

  1. louiswp419 (verified owner)

    The best bang for the buck!

  2. louiswp419 (verified owner)

    Best cigar for the price!

  3. Darcy Swaim (verified owner)

    As an everyday, after work smoke, this is a great cigar. It’s not fancy but it has a great draw and good flavor. Burns evenly. I absolutely recommend this cigar for an every day, sit back and relax stick.

  4. kjell (verified owner)

    To me its a quicker smoking version of the 99, when you are less committed to smoke time. On a relative ranking, this cigar, while not perfect is an outstanding value. It is loosely wrapped and will come with occasional superficial flaws. Has occasional draw issues, most of which are resolved by fully lighting it, then letting it sit to burn evenly before resuming. The smoke is very mild, pleasant. This cigar can be given out to newbies who can smoke it wrong and you wont care. Its great for everyday use vs. celebrations and special occasions and wont break the bank.

  5. hoxisme (verified owner)

    I smoke everyday..these are cheap enough for me to enjoy all day long!

  6. miamicarco (verified owner)

    Great taste! Great Price!

  7. Michael (verified owner)

    Unlike most sweet cigars, these are not overwhelming but nice and smooth and subtle. Excellent everyday smoke. I have purchased dozens upon dozens of bundles over the last 30 years. Unbelievably inexpensive for what you receive. Worth keeping in your humidor for a nice smoke after mowing the lawn or sharing a few sticks when out with friends.

  8. Ernest West (verified owner)

    Best cigar I’ve had. The flavor stays until the end.

  9. Ernest West (verified owner)

    Best cigar ever!!!

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