Colibri Chrome Black V-Cutter

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Colibri’s bestselling cutter is this stylish v-cutter. The look and feel of this v-cutter is unmatched, and any cigar smoker looking for this style cut will be pleased!

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The v-shaped cut from this Colibri Chrome Black V-Cutter is a classic is a classic style cut for a cigar and has come back into popularity as enthusiasts explore new flavor profiles and blends—and ways in which to enjoy them.

The Colibri Chrome Black V-Cut is contoured for beauty and to fit securely in your hand. The stainless-steel blade is spring-loaded and is purposefully designed with acute and deep angle, so as to penetrate up to 7mm into the cap to provide a rich and robust draw.

The guided action of the blade runs smoothly, ensuring an easily accomplished deep and clean cut. Enjoy the V-Cut on large 60+ ring gauge cigars—and it’s also great on a torpedo.

Key Features:
Spring-loaded release
V-shaped cutter
Ergonomic design
Stainless steel blade
Gift box included
Two-year Warranty.


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