Colibri Black S-Cutter

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The Colibri Black S-Cut cutter offers the ultimate straight cut. The S-Cut allows a perfect cigar cut every time and makes a great gift too!

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The Colibri Black S-Cut cutter is everything you love in a straight cut. The Colibri S-Cut is contoured for beauty and to fit securely in your hand. The primary black blade is spring-loaded and is purposefully designed to meet the secondary blade with almost no space between the two blades to produce a crisp shear off the cap of your cigar.

The cutter’s closed back acts as a governor to limit the cut to a perfect 2.5 mm shear off the cap of your cigar every time—great for the seasoned connoisseur and for those learning about proper cigar preparation.

The guided action of the blade runs smoothly, ensuring an easily accomplished clean cut. Enjoy the S-Cut on large cigars, up to 66 ring.

Key Features:
Spring-loaded release
Ergonomic design
Black blade
Gift box included
Two-year Warranty.


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