Types of Black & Mild Cigars

Black & Mild comes in various varieties in order to suit the palate of all those who enjoy an aromatic experience. Black & Mild is a way for those with little experience smoking to get their feet wet in the world of various flavorings and tobacco.

Black & Mild Original

This is the original classic flavor of Black & Mild. Perfectly shaped for a quick break from the world featuring a nice smooth to medium bodied smoking experience with a plastic tip.

Black & Mild Wine

This is the wine version of Black & Mild. While these cigars are primarily aromatic, the wine variety offers welcome nuances that are not present in the original with its savory full-bodied draw.

Black & Mild Select

This is the milder options of Black & Mild known as Selects. Whenever you want to switch up your tastes with a plastic tip, this blend is one that puts Black & Mild’s taste on full display.