What is an ACID Cigar?

An ACID cigar is a type of cigar that has been infused with various flavors during the manufacturing process. These flavors can range from fruity to floral, and even spicy or savory. ACID cigars are made with high-quality tobaccos, and the infusion process enhances the flavor and aroma of the cigar.

History of ACID Cigar

ACID cigars were a major hit when they first came out in 1999, but many people didn’t know what to make of them. They’re not like any premium cigar before so it’s no wonder most dismissed them as just another fad – until post-Cigar Boom smokers discovered how unique these blends are! With its cool branding and package design from NYC artist Scott “ACID” Chester, this brand is on the rise thanks largely due their blend between modern tastes with traditional techniques that has only increased over time.

Types of ACID Cigars

ACID has grown to include a number of sub-brands during the last 20 years, making it difficult to decide which ones to try. Here’s our guide to the most popular types of ACID cigars.

ACID Blondie

From the moment you light up an ACID Blondie, it’s hard to put down. These medium bodied premiums have a pigtail head that adds extra draw resistance and creates more flavor in each suck on this perfecto-sized smoke. Try the ACID Blondie Belacoso for a vanilla cream with hints of spice that’s super smooth and delicious.

ACID Kuba Kuba

If you’re looking for a new smoke to try, look no further than ACID Kuba Kuba! The most popular selling infused cigar by Drew Estate is made with an attractively sweet Sumatra wrapper that encompass notes of dried cherries and botanicals. With this delicious combination in mind-you’ll be hard pressed not give it your full attention once the aroma starts flowing through those nostrils like wine at dinner time. Try the Kuba Kuba Maduro or Kuba Kuba Deluxe if you’re feeling extra adventurous.

ACID Toast

These cigars are named for their toasty flavor profile. ACID Toast cigars are made with full-bodied Nicaraguan tobaccos and a special blend of botanical and herbal essences that some describe as spicy, slightly berried, and strong but not overpowering.


ACID Blue cigars are another fan favorite. They’re made with a Connecticut shade wrapper and filled with a blend of blue-infused Nicaraguan tobaccos that’s been aged for five years. The result is a smooth, creamy smoke with notes of cedar and white pepper.

Not sure which ACID Cigar to try?

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