Black & Mild Is Here!

Created by the John Middleton Co. in 1968, Black & Mild cigars grew to become the most popular cigar on store shelves by 1996. The concept for the Black & Mild cigar was first born out of the desire to enjoy the taste of pipe tobacco without all the hassle of needing to clean the pipe. Black & Mild is most notable for its sweet-smelling smoke, which is where the brand’s slogan “Tastes great! Smells great!” comes from. Black & Mild are unique for selling their cigars with 4 different tip options: plastic, wood, untipped, and filter-tipped.

Recently, LMCigars brought Black & Mild into our inventory. Currently, we offer the Original, Select, and Wine flavors in the plastic tip. Each flavor is sold in 10/5 packs for a total of 50 cigars. The Original Black & Mild is made from a special blend of Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobaccos grown in Pennsylvania. This cigar gives the smokers an alternative to the pipe, but still offers the pleasant, strong flavor typically associated with it. The Black & Mild Wine features the same combination of Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos as the Original, but with a sweet taste of red wine added to create a unique flavor profile. The Black & Mild Select cigar is a sweet, smooth smoke with a slightly fruity aftertaste.

Priced at $41.95 for a $20 savings, these Dominican-made short-filler cigars are the perfect smoke when you only have a few brief moments!

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