Montecristo Platinum Series Rothchilde Tube Review

Hand holding a Montecristo Platinum Series Rothchilde Tube cigar

The Montecristo Platinum Series Rotchilde is an enjoyable premium cigar with a remarkable San Andreas Habano-seed wrapper. This is a fuller-bodied smoke for those who enjoy cigars from the traditional name-brand cigar powerhouses.

The Montecristo Platinum Series is made in the Dominican Republic by Altadis USA in Tabacalera de Garcia, one of the largest factories in the Dominican. The cigar is unusual for a parejo rothchilde at 5’x50. Despite not having a cedar lining, the fine aluminum tubes which contain the cigar are a nice aesthetic. At a glance, the cigar bears an attractive San Andreas Habano-seed wrapper with a colorado or rosado coloration akin to reddish-brown leather. The spice of the Nicaraguan filler, as well as the acidity of the Peruvian filler and the richness of the Dominican filler, produces an inviting aroma. The cigar features a Dominican binder leaf and is a handmade long filler cigar.

The Montecristo Platinum Series Rotchilde has notes of cedar, salted peanuts, cinnamon, molasses, and dark roasted coffee beans. The dry pull tastes of root spices with a slightly tight draw. The tasting notes build in strength throughout the 45-60 minute smoking experience, gaining hints of black pepper and nutmeg towards the final third of the cigar. The intensity and flavor of the Montecristo Platinum Series are medium to full-bodied.

This is a very good cigar that gives the cigar aficionado an option for traveling abroad in the even they do not want to bring a travel humidor. The tubes also make a great gift for those who smoke cigars but do not have their own humidor. The Montecristo Platinum Series Rotchilde is a fast-moving cigar in retailers across the country because of its unique flavor profile. This cigar has earned its reputation as one of the most popular Montecristo cigar brands and sizes.

H. Upmann by A.J. Fernandez Review

H. Upmann by A.J. Fernandez cigar and open tin

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, you have heard about A.J. Fernandez.

His portfolio and reputation have expanded exponentially ever since his coveted New World cigars made an appearance. Within the last few years, he has also started making cigars for Altadis USA. One of those cigars is the H. Upmann by A.J. Fernandez.

It is made at A.J.’s factory in Esteli with an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, Corojo 99 binder, and Cuban seed fillers from Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It is available in a few different sizes, including this 38 x 4 “Papi” size packaged in a tin. The tin holds 6 Papis and is packaged with a Boveda pack to keep everything fresh. These cigars boast the reputation of A.J.’s other cigars with a distinctive Nicaraguan bite. They pack a punch and deliver a medium to full-bodied experience all the way through. Hints of sweet raisins, almonds, earth, and pepper blast your palette and senses. The flavor is sharp and distinct from start to finish. The average burn time is about 30 minutes. Usually, with smaller cigars like these, construction is compromised but I was very impressed with the way this cigar was made and how it held together.

I see this tin as the perfect buy for a night on the town because they do not last too long, and the tin easily fits in your jacket pocket. They might also come in handy if you are in a colder climate and just need to get a quick, strong smoke in before you freeze. If you are a fan of A.J. Fernandez’s cigars or want a strong and complex little cigar these are calling your name.

Diamond Crown MAXIMUS

Single Diamond Crown Maximus cigar

The Diamond Crown MAXIMUS is a fantastic premium value cigar with a high-quality Dominican cigar with an Ecuador El Bajo Sungrown wrapper. This cigar comes from J.C. Newman Cigar Co., and the reputation of the craftsmanship of their cigars holds up when smoking the MAXIMUS.

The Diamond Crown MAXIMUS Toro is made in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera A. Fuente, where all the cigars in the Diamond Crown line are rolled. The pre-light scent is damp earth and cocoa. At a glance, the cigar has an extremely oily, dark wrapper. The cigar features a Dominican binder leaf and is a handmade long filler cigar.

The Diamond Crown MAXIMUS has a sweet finish and from the first to the second third, the tasting notes build in strength, though the prominent pepper mellows out by the third, third. The ash is a beautiful grey and the burn is razor-sharp. This is a bold cigar that can easily be classified as medium to full in intensity and has a significant bite. The smoke is full and coats the palette. If you’re looking for a pairing, this cigar would go well with a bar of dark choclate.

Though Honduran and Nicaraguan blends tend to be the cigars that can be classified as full-bodied, this Dominican cigar definitely packs a punch. Still not convinced enough to buy a whole box? The Diamond Crown MAXIMUS can be found in the Royal Sampler and it’s worth noting you’ll get to taste each of the four cigars that belong to the Diamond Crown family.